CIHT Asset Management Award


Setting the Asset Management Standard

Ringway Jacobs


Ringway Jacobs recognises the importance of highway infrastructure, and how an effectively maintained and managed network contributes to the achievement of their client’s corporate objectives. Their principal objective is to deliver their client’s needs in a safe and efficient way which rovides the best whole life cost for the design life of the asset under their management.

Working on behalf of their clients across the country, Ringway Jacobs manages an asset stock valued at nearly £26 billion. Implementation of its whole life Asset Management System ensures the efficient use of resources to maintain over 16,388km of local authority network.
Ringway Jacobs understands that an effective Asset

Management System is a platform to deliver clarity around standards and levels of service. Aligning how the organisation manages their client’s assets with their own corporate objectives is fundamental to asset management.

Judges’ Comments
"This national approach by Ringway Jacobs recognises the importance of an effectively maintained and managed network, and aims to provide the best whole life cost for the design life of the asset. The judges were impressed with how they have developed a common system framework to secure Incentive Fund Band 3, ensure additional client funding and evidence asset, nvironmental and customer benefits. As well as a communication strategy, Ringway set out to embed asset management culture through internal and external engagement with councillors and the use of social media.

Setting the Asset Management Standard has led to further ISO55001 certification in Essex, Hounslow and Buckinghamshire."

Highly Commended

When the London Borough of Hounslow commissioned Hounslow Highways to deliver their pathfinder PFI project for highways maintenance in 2013, the Borough’s roads were rated some of the worst in London.

Five years on, at the end of the Core Investment Period, they are rated second best in London.

Delivering a Step Change in Performance Through Innovative

Asset Management Hounslow Highway

This radical shift has been achieved through the opportunity a 25 year contract provides, backed by the significant investment unlocked through PFI Credits, but also, importantly, through:

  • Fresh thinking, with specialist highways expertise brought about by Ringway Hounslow Highways’s teams,
  • Smart application of asset optioneering, programming, and use of innovative technology, and
  • A true partnership within the Borough between the London Borough of Hounslow, Hounslow Highways, wider stakeholders and the local community

Judges’ Comments
"Hounslow Highways PFI has transformed the infrastructure assets of Hounslow into the 2nd best in London. The judges were impressed with the partnership ethos with the London Borough of Hounslow and wider community stakeholders and the evidenced benefits from capital investment and operational efficiencies, including; safety and congestion, performance and efficiency, and positive customer and stakeholder engagement. This helped the organisation to become one of the first highway organisations to be certified to ISO55001.

The judges were also impressed by the use of innovative technology such as long-term lifecycle modelling using the Asset Optioneering Model. Hounslow Highways is currently working with neighbouring boroughs to share its best practice."

Highly Commended

Dorset County Council’s (DCC) highways department looks after infrastructure across the county including; carriageways, footpaths, cycleways, traffic signals, signs, street lighting*, safety fences, verges, bridges and public rights of way. As such, it plays a vital role in driving Dorset’s economic growth.

Delivering all of this has always been a challenge especially, given the limited government funds available for local highways maintenance in recent years.

An Innovative Journey to Asset Management Excellence

Dorset County Council & Yotta

Added to this, the council’s legacy highways management tools and approaches, including a pavement management system and a spreadsheet-based Highways Management Efficiency Programme (HMEP) system, have been unable to cope with the rapidly-growing data volumes. This has made accurate reporting all but impossible.

Consequently, the council went to market for a new system with two key aims:

  • To find a solution capable of supporting the delivery of forward works programmes;
  • To engage across the authority about what highways asset management really means for Dorset. As a member-led council, it has to consult with Dorset County Council’s Cabinet, made up of elected members, to source additional funding and demonstrate how its requests will impact future road conditions. 

Judges’ Comments
"Dorset County Council and its partner Yotta have developed an asset management approach using Horizons to optimise the analysis of asset data for the benefit of the Council’s customers. The judges liked the way this approach has overcome the Council’s ability to cope with rapidly-growing data volumes and support the delivery of the forward works programmes. Asset deterioration prediction has helped justify additional carriageway funding and data analysis has secured additional funding for high-risk skid sites.

Using this approach has enabled Dorset to achieve Band 3 status. The judges were also impressed by the potential for ‘connected asset management’ using asset sensors to monitor high-risk flood sites and the triggers to flooding."

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