CIHT / Costain Sustainable Transport Award


Youth Active Travel in Aberdeenshire

Aberdeenshire Council


Aberdeenshire Council is the fourth largest local authority area in Scotland, responsible for 173 schools across an area of 2,437 square miles. The Council is committed to encouraging smarter travel choices to schools through school travel planning, but with such a large and diverse area to cover, schools must have the opportunity to individualise the approach.

The process Aberdeenshire has adopted has resulted in the delivery of strongly branded materials and lesson plans, developed jointly with education partners and linking directly into the curriculum; a unique approach in Scotland. This approach allows schools to pick and choose topics depending on particular issues experienced. The initiatives are designed to link into local active travel planning campaigns also delivered in parallel to new infrastructure projects supporting the active journey to school.

This unique and collaborative approach has led to greater buying, leading to increased active travel amongst pupils, with strong support from partners such as Police Scotland, local businesses and community groups. Monitoring of active travel to school is critical to measure success and this is achieved through the Scottish ‘Hands Up’ Travel survey, now recognised as a National Statistic and which was originally developed in the north east of Scotland.

Judges' Comments
"The judges award the prize to Aberdeenshire council due to their excellent investment in active travel for schools. Their design and implementation of guidelines for active travel has successfully achieved modal shift and is particularly noteworthy for being tailored to individual schools, and their individual needs.

The guidelines and approach are highly transferable to other places and situations, and can be successfully be adopted by other authorities."

Highly Commended

Waltham Forest was successful in receiving Mayor’s Air Quality Funding in 2016 to operate a zero emissions delivery service; the funding will support the scheme until March 2019, after which time the scheme will be self-financing and sustainable. In December 2016, Waltham Forest ran a successful two week trial entitled ‘Christmas Courier’. 

ZED Waltham Forest

London Borough of Waltham Forest

Following the lessons learnt from the trial, Waltham Forest has launched a full service: ‘ZED’, operated by Outspoken! Delivery in partnership with the Council. The service utilises zero emissions vehicles to make deliveries within Waltham Forest and beyond.

Waltham Forest is the first Council in the UK to introduce a zero emissions delivery service. The service targets local business, last mile deliveries within the borough and is also being utilised for Council deliveries, both internally and externally.

Judges' Comments
"The judges found that the project to replace motorised vehicles with zero-emission 'cargo-bikes' was novel, highly innovative and successful in its aims. It is transferable to many urban areas and has the potential to become commercially viable in its own right."


Within Essex, we recognise the benefits in cycling. It is more than just a pastime for a dedicated few, or a cheap mode of transport; it is a solution to the problem of congestion in our towns and poor health in our society. Given the relatively flat terrain, with easy access to the countryside and extensive rail network, we want to encourage more people to cycle within Essex.

Sustainable Transport in Essex Highways

Essex County Council, Ringway Jacobs & Jacobs

During the past 18 months, we have made significant improvements in cycling initiatives and awareness having moved from a learner to climber, with aspirations to be a champion. Our renewed approach to increasing cycling levels in Essex is detailed within our Cycling Strategy, which we adopted in 2016. This confirms our long-term plan that will lead to a significant and sustained increase in cycling within our County.

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