CIHT / DfT Technology Award


Stationary Vehicle Detection Radar Trials – M25

Highways England, Connect Plus, Connect Plus Services, Atkins, a member of the SNC-Lavalin group, Jackson Civil Engineering, Navtech Radar, MwayComms


SVD Radar is a completely new technology to the UK, and has been successfully trialled on two sections of the M25 by a team from Highways England, Connect Plus, Connect Plus Services, Atkins a member of the SNC-Lavalin group, Jackson Civil Engineering, Navtech Radar and MwayComms.

Put simply, SVD Radar instantly detects stationary vehicles on the carriageway, and alerts the Regional Control Centre to the presence of an obstruction in the road. Existing radar systems currently rely on queuing traffic to detect an incident – by which time the occupants of the stationary vehicle and other road users, have been exposed to significant risk for a longer period of time.

Trials of the new SVD radar have proven instantaneous detection of stationary vehicles or obstructions in the road, thus lowering the risks to a stationary vehicle in a fast moving environment, and is particularly effective in All Lane Running scenarios.

Judges' Comments
"This entry demonstrates an exceptionally well thought through, well-engineered and well-implemented solution. The SVD Radar offers a powerful measure, with widespread application, for alerting network operations systems and staff to stationary vehicles. It will help them mitigate safety critical issues, improve incident response times and traffic flow.

It is highly likely that its implementation will save lives and prevent injuries. The trials have proved the quality and the use-case for the equipment and the approach taken."

Highly Commended

The Dartford Tunnels (A282) carries northbound traffic under the River Thames on the eastern side of the M25 motorway around London as part of the Dartford-Thurrock River Crossing. The crossing carries up to 190,000 vehicles daily.

The north bound A282 at Dartford is a key link in the UK’s road network, conveying traffic from the channel ports in Kent to the Midlands, North of England and Scotland.

M25 Dartford Tunnels – Overwidth Vehicles Detection Technology

Connect Plus, Connect Plus Services, Highways England, Jackson & Costain

The two tunnels at Dartford together carry around 0.65M vehicles every week. Around 25% of these are freight vehicles of many types.

The tunnels are is the responsibility of Connect Plus (CP) and Connect Plus Services (CPS) who work on behalf of the Highways Agency (HA) to operate and maintain the M25 road network, including the A282 Dartford Crossing.

Due to the age of the tunnels there are a number of restrictions on the traffic that can pass using them safely. The narrow lane widths place constraints on the width of vehicles.

Regular users of the route will already be familiar with the award winning traffic management cell, a system of vehicle monitoring and detection technologies that identifies vehicles not meeting the constraints of the tunnel.

The most recent part of that system to come on line is the Over-Width vehicle monitoring technology conceived and specified by CPS and HE and developed and implemented by JCE and Costain.

Judges' Comments
"A novel effective and practical use of LiDAR technology in a vertical curtain which is linked to a system for putting a barrier down, following the detection of one or more breaches likely to cause damage, including width. This stops a vehicle before it can enter a constricted section of road. It has the potential to save countless delays arising on busy roads where excess vehicle width, if undetected, would trap the vehicle and potentially cause infrastructure damage. This has wider application at such points around the country as well as a potential export market."

Highly Commended

HighwayView is a revolutionary new surveying system that maps in astonishing detail the current condition of the UK’s road network. Pairing high-definition video technology and advanced cloud-based information services, it provides a picture at least 30x the resolution of Google Maps (whilst being up to date).

Even the tiniest defect can be pinpointed in seconds.

Gaist HighwayView and National Dataset


Access to this unprecedented level of detail is set to transform highways management and facilitate a new ‘smart’ approach to the operation and maintenance of the country’s most vital infrastructure. Armed with such precise data, public and private operators can confidently make informed, robust decisions about the road network.

Judges' Comments
"Gaist’s efforts and investment in developing exciting use of technology across a broad geographic scope are to be applauded. CIHT will keenly watch how the big ambitions for this move forward, however it is too early to state this currently."


Transport Scotland & Cubic/IBITransport Scotland is the national transport agency for Scotland, delivering the Scottish Government's vision for transport. It operates and manages the strategic motorway and trunk road network across Scotland.

As set out in the National Transport Strategy (NTS), its goal is to provide a safe and efficient road network, while recognising the growth in digital connectivity and demand for information. Traffic Scotland mobile information website

Transport Scotland & Cubic/IBI

Transport Scotland and Cubic/IBI worked in partnership to deliver the Traffic Scotland mobile information service, complementing existing systems and delivering improved travel information.

The solution developed supports NTS objectives as users are given timely information to plan ahead, see conditions, avoid disruptions and make choices on their journey planning

Judges' Comments
"This solution recognises the need for good, reliable, up-to-date traffic information across the trunk road network in Scotland. The Traffic Scotland website already has good usage figures and this app essentially enables access to that service in a mobile friendly form."


CheckedSafe is a SaaS platform created to enable fleets to become compliant. CheckedSafe is now the leading innovator in terms of digital compliance. We feel proud to have actually created the demand that our field is now experiencing.

We have revolutionised the area of digital compliance in the transport industry.

CheckedSafe Digital Compliance Solution

Paragus Limited T/A CheckedSafe

Briefly since 1995 it has been mandatory and legally required for ALL commercial vehicles to undertake a daily walk around check prior to service. This was traditionally done on paper that was time consuming, cumbersome and inaccurate. We then advanced the system, due to requests from our customers, to cover the maintenance aspect of fleet management.

In short CheckedSafe utilises an App, that can be used on a smartphone or tablet to carry out a walk round check on a vehicle (to replace the paper-based system) and the results are submitted to the CheckedSafe CMS (Compliance Management System) for storage and data analysis.

Judges' Comments
"This demonstrates that technology does not have to be necessarily new, but should be about solving problems and developed with a real focus on user needs. Getting approval from key agencies for the system demonstrated a clear holistic approach to implementation."

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