CIHT Diversity & Inclusion Award


Inclusion at Amey


Almost everyone in the UK benefits from an Amey service. Amey’s aim is to create better places for everyone who uses their services;that no one in diverse communities’ faces barriers because of what they do.

Amey wants to deliver services that are inclusive of diverse communities and reflect that diversity within their workforce. Amey knows they must do this to live up to their aim; to create better places to live, work and travel for everyone.

Amey has a business-wide programme for inclusion and diversity that includes:

  • Executive leadership for Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI)
  • Dedicated EDI team
  • Diversity networks with over 1000 members
  • Scenario-based EDI training for all our supervisors and leaders
  • Targets to increase diversity and inclusion in recruitment and talent management and activities in place to make that happen
  • Inclusive standards and training with Scope for technical designers
  • Community outreach targeting diverse groups
  • Industry engagement with clients, competitors and suppliers

Judges' Comments
"A strong, well thought through series of Diversity & Inclusion initiatives, with clear support from senior management and benefiting from a good choice of external partners. The judges were impressed by the organisation’s energy and momentum in its approach to D & I."

Highly Commended 

Winning the 2017 CIHT Diversity and Inclusion Award catalysed our commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI). We have expanded our EDI initiatives, growing our dedicated EDI team and expanding our Advance network to include office and unit champions to deliver locally and strategically.

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Initatives within Mott MacDonald

Mott MacDonald

The extent to which diversity and inclusion is embedded within the organisation
Our EDI strategy is led by Advance, our grassroots employee network and top-level strategic diversity committee. The network comprises 51 employees including eight EUNA (Europe and Africa) board members, six business unit champions, 19 office champions, 10 protected characteristics-focused champions and three EDI specialists. Uniquely, Advance champions are provided with half a day of protected time per month to work to deliver agreed actions. At the highest levels, the network is sponsored by Group chair Keith Howells and EUNA managing director James Harris. James has confirmed EDI as one of five core business objectives and ensures EDI is a standard agenda item in all Exec, HR management and staff council meetings with specific briefings provided by the EDI team.

Our Advance regional model has been changed to follow the business structure; regional champions are now Unit Advance champions (i.e. trained champions working specifically with senior management and HR for each business unit to implement strategic actions). We also created office champions so staff know who their local Kiecontact is, helping to support engagement with Advance.

Judges' Comments
"A well-presented submission which clearly reflects the organisation’s commitment at all levels to a wide range of Diversity & Inclusion aspects. The judges noted the annual D&I report which they considered an example of good practice."

Highly Commended 

The KierWSP joint venture delivers transport and highways services for Northamptonshire County Council. We have the strength of two large parent companies and the talents of 440 staff. It is the powerful combination of parent company notable practice and the needs of our staff that has given us progress and impact when advancing Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI).

KierWSP Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Champion


EDI is embedded throughout KierWSP. We combine Kier and WSP EDI focus and root these into our practices so that it is relevant to staff and the communities we live in and serve.

The EDI and Hate Crime Policy and Business Plan set the organisation’s commitment and intention for diversity and inclusion. The EDI agenda is delivered through our values and is known as the RESPECT campaign. Our Joint Venture Board Member Bruce Donaldson is EDI champion and is supported by a service wide EDI group. We are signatories to CIHT’s Diversity and Inclusion Charter, WISE and Stonewall (WSP). Locally we are Disability Confident Employer and members of Northamptonshire Rights and Equalities Council.
We are successfully accredited by the National Centre for Diversity for Investors in Diversity (IiD). The auditor praised us for “considerable work done to increase the number and percentage of women in the workforce”. We have developed an equality action plan to guide and sustain the momentum for our initiatives.

Judges' Comments
"A good local initiative with an interesting and innovative use of supported internships."