CIHT Health and Safety at Work Award

Winner & Overall Winner of the CIHT Awards 2018

SAFETYcam: Mobile Road Worker Protection System

Carnell Support Systems & Kier Highways

SAFETYcam is an intelligent site safety innovation, protecting road workers by using two complementary vehicle detection systems to capture instances of dangerous driving, whilst providing a conspicuous visual deterrent and actively changing driver behaviour. When deployed, it virtually eliminates deliberate vehicle incursions and dramatically reduces the number of site vehicles exceeding site speed restrictions.

SAFETYcam is a unique solution which fuses image, video and ANPR technology, with state of the art processing and reporting techniques. SAFETYcam operatives capture evidence in-situ, with all data being stored securely in a bespoke cloud-based system.

In July 2017, Carnell and Kier Highways successfully collaborated to secure Highways England Innovation funding to carry out sitebased trials, to establish the success of deploying four SAFETYcam vehicles across the full range of Traffic Management scenarios on the Highways England Area 9 network.

Judges' Comments
"The judges were impressed by the comprehensive and clear evidence presented by Carnell & Kier Highways, both in terms of research and results, in addressing a major issue for road workers. It is a truly original solution which enables full detailed reports within 12 hours of leaving a site, using a multi-purpose vehicle that as well as housing the specialist camera system, is also a fully resourced and functional welfare unit. The judges particularly liked the fact that Carnell has already collaboratively shared this across 75% of the HE Areas. The initiative gives a clear message to the workforce that their safety is being taken very seriously."

Highly Commended

The Balfour Beatty Skanska JV had a relentless approach to ensuring that the M25 J30 project fulfilled its absolute potential in creating an environment that could support the Health, Safety and Wellbeing of all of those involved in the project.

M25 J30 A13 Corridor Relieving Congestion Scheme

Balfour Beatty Skanska Joint Venture

This project is based on a ‘Safe to the Finish’ initiative and campaign which was implemented during the final nine months of the project to refresh and sustain the focus and vigilance of everyone involved on the scheme to ensuring all remaining activities were completed safely and without harm, notwithstanding programme delivery pressures. Safe to the Finish was founded upon the values already embodied in our Zero Harm and Injury Free Environment (IFE) policies and adherence to our Golden Rules.

Judges' Comments
"The judges liked the clear message to everyone involved in the project and the way the recognition of site pressures versus safety was managed. The detail of the planning and implementation of the issues also impressed the judges as well as how all staff were engaged with the initiative which lead to excellent results."


An estimated 60,000 service strikes occur each year in the UK construction industry. As well as having a major impact on safety, service strikes cost the highways industry millions of pounds in associated damages and compensation costs, while causing untold inconvenience to residents and road users. 

Prevention of Underground Service Strikes

Ringway Jacobs

Statistics showed that the reduction of service strikes occurring within RingwayJacobs had plateaued and we needed to do something radical to improve performance.

To rectify this problem, in 2016, a dedicated Utility Service Technician (UST) role was introduced across our organisation. Current employees were identified within each of our five contracts to become USTs. All were enthusiastic operatives with exceptional knowledge of cable detection and avoidance, who all possessed a passion for implementing innovative ideas to help staff on the ground locate and avoid underground services.

Judges' Comments
"The judges were pleased to see how the tackling of a long standing and known industry problem was addressed in such a positive manner resulting in significant reductions of incidents. The judges were particularly impressed with the holistic approach of the scheme involving both designers and contractors."


2015 was transformational for Kier Highways (KH) following acquisition of EM Highway Services. This brought a significant increase in capacity and capability across the combined Highways business, together with elevated opportunities as part of a PLC.

Opportunity brings challenge and integrating the businesses post acquisition, meant significant changes to align systems, processes and cultures.

Kier Highways Safety Excellence Journey

Kier Highways Ltd

Safety was identified as a significant area for improvement, with a step change required to drive safety excellence into the DNA / culture of the business.

A well-defined strategy / plan was established, allied with engagement and collaboration to successfully implement and embed into the business. The outcome saw KH achieve 7.2m hours without a RIDDOR incident. The safety excellence journey continues with more still to be done.

Judges' Comments
"The fact this entry addressed a major issue head on with a clear set of objectives and a clear definition of the scope of the problem incorporating lessons learnt along the way, impressed the judges. They also liked how occupational health and well-being was addressed and a new culture was engendered throughout the project."