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Worcestershire Highways Collaboration

Worcestershire Highways


Worcestershire Highways is a collaborative partnership developed to deliver the Worcestershire Highways Term Maintenance Contract. This award entry plots the timeline and the development of the collaboration from the inception in 2005, through the LEAN process which assisted the harmonisation, to the contract re-award in 2014 and gaining accreditation of ISO 44001-Collaborative Business Relationship Management Systems in March 2017.

Both Worcestershire County Council (WCC) and Ringway Infrastructure Services consider the Worcestershire Highway Partnership a fine example of what can be achieved by working together, rather than wasting time and effort through a traditional contractual approach.

Traditional client/contract barriers have been removed and a culture of joint problem solving, innovation and service development has continued to flourish throughout the contract. Ringway and WCC have developed shared common goals, which has promoted a healthy working environment that delivers efficiency, value and a quality service.

Judges' Comments
"This entry headed an impressive set of entries that demonstrate that collaboration is widespread across the sector. It showed how collaboration had built over time, specifically addressed how collaboration was made to work, and demonstrated how the synergies achieved and led to improved outcomes."

Highly Commended

The project was procured by Northamptonshire County Council (NCC) using the Midlands Highways Alliance (MHA) Medium Schemes Framework. Balfour Beatty were contracted to build Phase 2 which involves dualling the existing carriageway from Moulton Roundabout to a new roundabout and construction of 700m of new single carriageway.

A43 Moulton Bypass Phase 2

Balfour Beatty, KierWSP, James King, B-Line, Aggregate Industries, H.W. Martin & JP Flynn

Balfour Beatty was appointed to undertake Early Contractual Involvement (ECI) in April 2014 to facilitate the design of Phase 2 over a 6-month period.

The project implemented the Sand Cone Model (Ferdows and De Meyer), to embed quality and adopted a collaborative single team approach to ensure the project completed accident and defect free.

Judges' Comments
"An innovative use of collaboration techniques to deliver clear outcomes on this site based project made this entry worthy of high commendation."


The A303 Stonehenge is one of the highest profile complex road schemes in the UK. A government commitment has been made to start work on site in 2020. The Options Phase of the project was a collaboration between Highways England, Arup and Atkins, a member of the SNC-Lavalin Group.

A303 Stonehenge

Highways England, Arup & Atkins, a member of the SNCLavalin group

A target was set to deliver the £17.5m Options Phase in 20 months, more than a year quicker than usual, requiring a collaborated effort to work at pace. Despite multiple challenges, targets were completed to deadline resulting in considerable efficiency savings, made possible by everyone working in partnership under a shared vision.

A successful collaboration was achieved by creating a positive and engaging ‘one-team’ ethos. This was supported by quarterly collaboration surveys, a Collaboration Behaviours Improvement Plan (CBIP), and bespoke behavioural development workshops and events. After each stage of the Plan, data was collected to monitor the impact on the team. There was consistent positive feedback, reflecting the value gained from having a sustained focus on behavioural support.
This approach also benefitted stakeholders as it created a consistent and sustained positive working relationship and achievement of shared goals.

Judges' Comments
"An innovative use of collaboration on a high risk and high profile project. Of particular interest was the Collaborative Improvement Behaviours plan."


The key to the success of the Midlands Highway Alliance (MHA) Medium Scheme Framework 2 (MSF2) is the high level of collaborati on between the 21 local authority members and the framework contractors.

The MHA works together to improve performance, share best practi ce and make effi ciency savings in the delivery of high quality highways, public realm and infrastructure schemes through the use of agreed best practice procurement and project management principles.

Medium Schemes Framework 2

Midlands Highway Alliance, Aggregate Industries UK Limited, Balfour Beatty, Eurovia, GallifordTry & Tarmac

MSF2 launched in June 2014 and due to its success has been extended unti l the summer of 2018. The scope of MSF2 includes a wide range of municipal engineering up to a maximum value of £25 million.

The framework enables members to engage with a project framework contractor or contractors at an early stage of the design process to maximise savings. The development of a performance toolkit ensures that all live projects report regularly to the Framework Community Board (FWCB).

With the FWCB acti ng as a fulcrum for effective collaboration, we are confident the MHA MSF2 is one of the most effective frameworks in the country.

Judges' Comments
"A continuing development of a collaborative approach across several local authorities that recognised the need to improve collaboration from earlier phases by placing it at the core of the relationship."


With over 9,000km of road network, North Yorkshire has the longest road network of any highway authority in the country. The highway infrastructure is essential to deliver North Yorkshire County Council’s (NYCC) vision of a thriving county adapting to a changing world and
remaining a special place for everyone to live, work and visit.

Working in partnership to improve resilience in North Yorkshire

North Yorkshire County Council, Ringway Infrastructure Services & Eurovia Specialist Treatments

Maintaining the road network in a safe, serviceable and sustainable condition is therefore of paramount importance. NYCC’s Asset Management Strategy is underpinned by a strong commitment to preventative maintenance, and having a good-sized and well managed surface dressing programme is key - the county delivers in excess of 3 million m2 per annum to build resilience into the network.

Working with partners; Ringway and Eurovia Specialist Treatments (EST), NYCC developed a forward investment programme based on high quality, high production, best value for customers – which was aligned with the thriving county vision for North Yorkshire.

Judges' Comments
"A well-presented entry that focussed on a specific project to highlight the widespread benefits that collaboration has achieved. The high level of community engagement was noted in the judging."

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