CIHT / Causeway Transport Technology Award



City Science


Cadence is a suite of web-based modelling tools designed to tackle the biggest issues in transport modelling namely:

  • Saving time in constructing and calibrating models to allow more time in testing better transport schemes;
  • Ease of sharing and visualising the latest model with stakeholders;
  • Managing all essential datasets in the Strategic Modelling Process;
  • Enabling easy distributed workflow across teams covering multiple parties;
  • Automating the quality assurance process; and
  • Providing an intuitive interface to explore, explain and educate stakeholders about transport models.

Judges Comments

The approach by City Science has created a product that maintains consistency with WebTAG and therefore complies with traditional standards whilst also providing transport planners with new innovations in transport planning.  Improving modelling means that the sector can make better decisions and this entry also addresses the tricky issues of version control.

Highly Commended 

Highways England and AECOM have designed the upgrade of the A303 past Stonehenge. The scheme will help to unlock economic growth in the South West by improving journey reliability, increasing safety and improving connectivity with neighbouring regions. The major project will also help conserve and sustain the Stonehenge World Heritage Site, protecting and enhancing the environment and providing a positive legacy for local communities and visitors.

A303 Stonehenge: Amesbury to Berwick Down Upgrade


Fundamental to the success of the project to date has been clear communication of the proposed improvements and their environmental impacts with the public and stakeholders. Maps, drawings and decibels can often be difficult for the public to interpret, which can lead to scepticism about the impacts of proposed schemes. In an industry first, AECOM employed cutting-edge visualisation and auralisation (sound demonstration) techniques to enable a greater depth of communication about the landscape and soundscape changes resulting from the proposed scheme. A key feature during public consultation events, combining immersive and auralisation technologies made complex and detailed design considerations much more easily accessible, helping stakeholders and communities understand the proposals, provide an informed response and participate in the consultation process.  

Judges Comments

This has been a long running transport scheme and this entry shows an intelligent solution to addressing a problem from a different perspective.  The application of technology, in particular the noise assessment aspect, help people to better understand the potential impacts.


The A2/M2 Connected Corridor is a flagship project promoting the UK as market leader in Connected Autonomous Vehicles (CAV) and Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems (C-ITS) technology. The project was part of InterCor, a European initiative to enable seamless, interoperable, connected corridors through the Netherlands, Belgium, UK and France, to achieve safer and more efficient mobility of people and goods.

A2/M2 Connected Corridor

Costain Ltd, Highways England, Department for Transport, Transport for London, Kent County Council, WSP

Costain and its partners (4Way, Altran, Cohda Wireless, Kapsch, Mott Macdonald, telent, Telefonica, TRL) worked with Highways England/WSP, Department for Transport, Transport for London, Kent County Council to collectively develop one of the UK’s first connected vehicle corridors on a live road.

The project successfully delivered infrastructure to support a week-long test exercise in October 2018, which enabled international organisations from across the transport industry to test their implementation of CAV and C-ITS technologies.

The innovative A2/M2 solution comprised of onboard vehicle systems and roadside units, connected to a cloud platform, utilising cellular communications and the latest wireless technology (ITS-G5). Using real and simulated traffic information, real-world situations were tested to demonstrate seamless interoperability of services between different countries.

The results will feed into InterCor and C-ROADS, the European platform for C-ITS deployment, to harmonise future C-ITS technical standards and specifications.

Judges Comments

Costain has demonstrated that it is able to pull together a complex supply chain in a difficult and challenging area of testing where there is a limited rule set to act as a starting point to create representative tests. It has managed to do this in a short space of time.

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