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Ampang Light Rapid Transit Extension Project (AMG LEP)



The Ampang LRT Line was initially commissioned in 1996 (Phase 1), and extended in 1998 (Phase 2). New developments within the Kinrara, Puchong & Putra Heights corridor resulted an increase of traffic volume and congestion levels on the existing roads. The Client, Prasarana’s vision was to provide a safe and efficient mode of public transportation to serve the public.

Eighteen (18) km of new extension lines were implemented. Ridership studies were carried out to define the high population and employment zones. Alignment option studies were then carried out using a weighted ranking option studies to determine the most suitable alignment that took into consideration construction costs and land costs, constructability, high ridership, minimal social impact and shorter journey time.

The new extension line known as the Ampang LRT Extension Project ( AMG LEP) was constructed to provide connectivity to other transit lines with interchange stations, existing and proposed shopping complexes, major commercial and residential areas. A modal shift of traffic from road to rail, lower congestion level, reduced accident levels and a lower carbon footprint were the key benefits of the project.

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This winning entry impressed the judges for its strong strategic case that set out the wider benefits for the project, its impressive implementation and the strong management processes employed to deliver the required reliability of the system.

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Orbital Road is a specific highway in Qatar which dissociates the trucks from the light vehicles flows; two dedicated truck lanes and five light vehicle lanes for each direction.

The length of the road network under Contract 2 (one of the 4 contracts within the full Orbital) is approximately 56 km and includes 8 multi-level grade separated interchanges.

Orbital Highway Contract 2-Qatar

Arcadis Consulting Middle East

Arcadis is the Lead Designer of the Design and Build Contract (QDVC-Bin Omran) awarded by the Public Work Authority of Qatar.

The challenge of achieving the design within tight schedule has led Arcadis to mobilize more than 500 staff at the peak point over 9 different regions with a huge part of the design production done through our Global Excellence Center in Manilla and Bangalore Innovation in the design was one of the challenges with originality of the two lanes Truck Road running parallel to the main carriageway.

The achievement of the project has been celebrated recently with the inauguration of the full Orbital road by the Prime Minister of Qatar.

The delivery of such an infrastructure in less than 5 years is a great achievement for the Designer and the Contractor, even though undergoing Qatar's blockade .

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Highly Commended 

Qatar is unique in Road Safety and Sustainable Transport Management in the Middle East and amongst Developing Nations. The Prime Minister chairs the NTSC as the lead agency, with membership of the UN RSC. An awardee of an International Road Safety Management Award by HRH Prince Michael of Kent in 2018, the NTSC is implementing a 10-Year Integrated Strategy with allegiance to the UN SDG’s, Qatar Vision 2030 and Qatar FIFA 2022.

Road Safety and Sustainable Transport Management in Qatar – Strengthening all Parts of the System

National Traffic Safety Committee (NTSC), Government of Qatar

With its own bespoke Safe System, account is taken of increasing population and high vehicle ownership levels, vast expressway program, public transport, ITS, traffic management, vulnerable road users and acute urbanization. Lead international consultants and contractors have been engaged in developing a sustainable integrated transport system. The UN has acknowledged the potential replicability of Qatar's experience in helping other Developing Nations.

The 2nd 5-year Action Plan launched in January 2018 has 33 key stakeholders sharing 394 actions. With an innovative on-line Monitoring and Evaluation system, Qatar has achieved significant results. Fatalities have been significantly reduced amidst huge infrastructure development, including expressways ($5 billion supplementary budget for new roads in 2019), metro system, new port, urbanization and associated maintenance.

Qatar’s approach is research and evidence-based, with sustainability underpinning the commitment of the relevant Government agencies, NGO’s and community groups.

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The I-95/395 highway in Virginia, USA, is a core part of the area’s transportation infrastructure. However, growing traffic strained highway capacity, creating significant delays and limiting local productivity.

The Virginia Department of Transportation hired Whitman, Requardt & Associates (WRA) and Branch Civil to deliver the $50m 95 Express Lanes South Extension, adding a 2.2-mile reversible single lane with intelligent transportation systems (ITS) to track and direct traffic.

I-95 Express Lanes Southern Terminus Extension

PlanGrid, Whitman, Requardt & Associates LLP

The team immediately encountered significant on-site challenges, from difficulties communicating over the large distance to poor soil quality. Given the project’s complexity, it was crucial for every stakeholder to collaborate seamlessly for a timely completion. The team adopted frequent meeting schedules and leading-edge construction productivity software.

Using cloud-based collaboration tools like PlanGrid was vital for distributing and accessing accurate project information from anywhere in the field, using mobile devices. The team’s nearly unprecedented cohesion, and the cloud tools underpinning it, delivered significant time and cost-savings. For example, during the final stages, the team was able to close out over 300 snag list items in 25 days using PlanGrid.

As a result, the I-95/395 extension opened in October 2017, a full ten months before the final delivery date. Virginia now has a smart, flexible section of road infrastructure that has improved commute times and quality of life in the area.


The Sheikh Jaber Al Ahmad Al Sabah Causeway Project (Doha Link) comprises the design, build, completion and maintenance of a major road link between Shuwaikh Port in Kuwait City and the Doha Peninsula. The total length is 13km with 7.7km on the marine viaduct crossing Sulaibikhat Bay and also includes the tie-in infrastructure. 

Sheikh Jaber Al Sabah Causeway Project (Doha Link)

Tony Gee and Partners LLP, GS Engineering and Construction, Kuwait Public Authority for Roads and Transportation, Dar Al-Handasah

The Kuwait Public Authority for Roads and Transportation (PART) awarded this US$583m project to GS Engineering and Construction. GS Engineering & Construction appointed Tony Gee as Lead Designer, with Dar Al-Handasah appointed by PART to review and supervise the design and construction.

The new link significantly reduces journey times between Kuwait City and the Doha Peninsula and reduces congestion within Shuwaikh and Ghazali Road.


Tbilisi, a large capital city of 1.2 million needs effective mobility to enable access to employment and education. The Asian Development Bank funded the appointment of a Transport Advisor and team of four staff from Mott MacDonald to advise Tbilisi City Hall on improving bus priority. 

Tbilisi Bus Priority Project

Mott MacDonald

The Mayor of Tbilisi’s vision was to allow public transport to have priority on existing roads. The team developed transport policy ideas, using European best practice - which were reflected in the designs for bus priority, using the concept of moving people rather than moving vehicles. These were implemented into the Mayor’s new transport strategy. The policy also covered the rollout of a new parking strategy, the regulation of taxis and the development of cycle lanes all of which were being implemented at the end of the project term.

The measures implemented by the City Council with support from UK experts have demonstrated that well planned and executed measures do work to promote sustainable transport, yet do not always cause damage to existing traffic.

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