CIHT / Ringway Road Safety Award


Online Winter Driving Workshop

Transport for Buckinghamshire


In December 2018, Transport for Buckinghamshire (TfB), a strategic partnership between Ringway Jacobs and Buckinghamshire County Council launched its first road safety e-learning module on winter driving safety. The module was the result of a collaboration between TfB’s Road Safety and Communications teams and New View Consultants Limited, a company who specialises in road safety educational tools. It was developed to replace the winter driving workshops TfB had held the previous three winters.

The online learning resource has proven to be more far-reaching and cost effective than the workshops, whilst providing the same essential and safety critical information. The content is divided into three clear sections, Road, Driver and Vehicle and an easy-to-understand script, written in plain English, is used as a voiceover. For visuals, a mixture of effective photographs, animated graphics and key bullet points are mixed up to ensure the user stays engaged.

Within five weeks of launching the online e-module it had been completed over 1,000 times – a 700% increase on the attendees at the workshops. The new module, has met with praise from the public and County Members and can be used year-on-year with little alteration, reducing the cost per user every time it is completed.

Judges Comments

Widespread scope for sharing across council supply chain and wider public. Low-cost delivery accessible to all and using feedback and experience to improve in the future with scope to add extra modules and on other safety issues.

Highly Commended 

States of Guernsey’s highways predominantly consist of narrow, unlit, often coastal roads with sharp bends. Most rural roads lacked any delineation. Some had traditional retro-reflectors, which were in poor condition providing limited visibility. Subsequently, drivers perceived the roads as in need of safety enhancements.

Improved delineation and road safety in Guernsey

Clearview Intelligence with Traffic and Highway Services, States of Guernsey

Clearview Intelligence worked with States of Guernsey (SoG) to install SolarLite Active Road Studs along key routes. Unlike traditional retro-reflectors which rely on headlight beams to provide 90 metres of visibility, the studs’ LEDs actively emit light, making them visible from 900 metres. Using solar power eliminates the need for mains power and equipment which could blight the landscape whilst an unwavering operational lifespan of up to 10 years means the studs could last up to five times longer than retro-reflectors.

Following implementation SoG commissioned a second phase of works on other key routes whilst driver feedback showed:

  • 92 percent felt reasonably/ totally safe driving the La Neuve Rue (Albecq) after the upgrade compared to 40 percent before.
  • 79 percent felt reasonably/ totally safe driving on Route de la Lague / Route de Rocquaine (Fort Grey) after the upgrade compared to 46 percent before.
  • 84 percent described night-time visibility of the road layout as greatly improved

Judges Comments

Low cost, sustainable, they understood a public concern, engaged to understand the public and have received good feedback from the public.  Expected benefits for older drivers who find it more difficult to read the road.


Every year more than 2,000 people are killed or seriously injured on London’s streets. TfL has set an ambitious target of no one killed in, or by, a London bus by 2030. Through the Bus Safety Standard TfL and TRL have created an instrument to reduce the bus-related fatalities by up to 75%. 

TfL Bus Safety Standard

TfL and TRL Limited

Seriously injured casualties are estimated to reduce by up to 66%, with substantial reductions in slight and damage only incidents.

The Standard is setting cutting edge technical requirements to improve the safety of buses in and is supported with a framework of assessment protocols. It is based on a detailed analysis of the risk areas, the possible solutions and their technical and operational feasibility for the industry. The safety measures were prioritised based on their potential to save lives.

Led by TRL, the development of the BSS was a collaborative work between TRL experts, TfL, bus manufacturers and operators, user groups and the general public. The BSS programme resulted in innovations and “world firsts” to set a package of safety requirements for buses ahead of regulation.

This research is just the starting point. The BSS will be a rolling programme through the TfL Bus Safety Innovation Challenge.

Judges Comments 

Solid, through analysis of all of the factors relevant to bus safety with a clear vision of a toolkit of solutions.  Engagement of all user groups notably both visually and hearing impaired and bus drivers.  Good engagement with the manufactures and operators of buses.  Looking forward to seeing the delivery of the standard and developments down the roadmap.

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