CIHT Team of the Year Award 2019


An Innovative Approach to Asset Delivery

East Midlands Asset Delivery


East Midlands Asset Delivery (EMAD) is an innovative approach to a traditional Asset Delivery model, through which 22 Supply Chain Partners collaborate to deliver a demonstrably successful contract.

The EMAD Community works together to achieve more than just a programme of works. By prioritising a robust Early Contractor Involvement (ECI) process, they have identified countless opportunities to: reduce disruption to the public; increase whole life cost through the introduction of superior materials; make huge cost savings which help fund additional projects and; most importantly, give back to the Communities in which they work. Subways have been modernised, Nurseries have had their car-park repaired and retirement communities have had their daily commutes made safer by completely resurfacing the access road to their homes.

By working together, EMAD have exceeded their efficiency savings target of £13 million and have achieved circa £30 million of realised savings, a number which continues to grow. The Community comes before the individual and each Partner values their place within this trailblazing team, making it a true success.

Judges Comments

Clearly demonstrates collaborative systems leadership, a strong commitment to quality and continuous improvement, and as a result, the delivery of significant efficiencies.

Highly Commended 

From the outset, BMV realised that the project would be challenging due to it’s; scale, location and position in and above the Sandwell conurbation, many varied technical challenges and high public profile.

Crucial to delivering the project to client expectations would require the achievement of excellence in many areas, but most importantly; leadership, technical knowledge and ability and collaboration.

Oldbury Viaduct Major Renewal Scheme


These disciplines would have to be continually reviewed and refined as required to ensure continued success on this long duration project.

BMV knew that people would be crucial to the projects’ success and committed to creating an Integrated Project Team to meet the above requirements. To improve the working atmosphere for the project team and promote good ‘one team’ working relationships, several initiatives were introduced that improved our people in many areas, not just the traditional goals of safety and productivity.
BMV share values of commitment to collaboration, technical excellence and safety. Articulated by our vision statement: “Creating value through imagination and engineering excellence”.

Judges Comments

A broad based approach to team working including the delivery team and client. They demonstrated a clear commitment to better working conditions such as health, safety and welfare as well as social issues.

Highly Commended

‘Essex Highways’ is a strategic partnership between Essex County Council (ECC) and Ringway Jacobs. The service is led by a Senior Leadership Team (SLT) comprising Ringway Jacobs and ECC employees, which manages a fully integrated service made up of staff from both organisations. 

Positively Turning Around Public Perception

Ringway Jacobs

Ringway Jacobs delivers all aspects of the integrated contract and at +£1billion over ten years, is one of the largest single contracts in the country. Despite significant improvement across the service, including innovative solutions, technology trials and £25m of efficiency savings, the public’s opinion of the service needed improving.

With the appointment of a new Cabinet Member for the service and a new Ringway Jacobs Operations Director, this ‘change at the top’ saw the SLT instigate innovative ways to educate and inform politicians and the public on the enormity of managing the network. By embodying Ringway Jacobs’ values of Integrity, Collaboration and Excellence, the commitment to improve communication and understanding led to improved local engagement, generating positive reactions for specific schemes and bringing about the required change in the public’s perception of the service.

Judges Comments

A broad based approach to team working including the delivery team and client. They demonstrated a clear commitment to better working conditions such as health, safety and welfare as well as social issues.


The A66 Northern Trans-Pennine Project is one of the most important highway investments in the North of England and will significantly improve journey times and driver experience while drastically reducing the number of accidents on this critical local and national route.

A66 Northern Trans-Pennine Project

Highways England

We are proposing to invest more than a billion pounds to dual the remaining single carriageway sections of the A66. This will significantly improve journeys, safety and connectivity, which is great news for the local, regional and national economy. Surrounded by Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) our planned improvements for the road and a modern approach to design will help protect the local environment and important designated areas such as local historic sites.

Our work is important to enable future growth and will help the economies of both the North East and Cumbria, as well as improving journeys across the country.

The A66 has been upgraded from single carriageway to dual carriageway in a number of stages since the 1970s, with the most recent dual section, the Temple Sowerby Bypass, opening in 2007.
Our plans will ensure the entire route has two lanes in both directions along the full 50-mile route.


AECOM has worked in the London Borough of Southwark for the past 5 years, consistently delivering social value improvements through public realm and transport schemes for its residents and commuters. Through a dedicated design project team consisting of over 50 individuals, they have been able to develop a comprehensive Delivery Mechanism to deliver over 500 schemes 

AECOM with London Borough of Southwark

AECOM with London Borough of Southwark

in a complex environment with challenging objectives and to the required scheduled timeframe. This has been achieved through close collaboration between AECOM and its client Southwark Council.

Projects that have been delivered on site and well received by the uses and public have included Crystal Palace Parade which is the first double Dutch style roundabout in the UK, which prioritises walking and cycling. Quietway 1, 7 and 14 have also been delivered and commended by the TfL cycling and walking commissioner, Will Norman. To develop these range of schemes has required a range of skillsets within the AECOM team and the close partnership team working environment with Southwark Council. This has been further improved by regular lunch and learn seminars and workshops on a monthly basis where different schemes have been discussed and lessons learned on various schemes have been adopted. There are also monthly improvement meetings held within AECOM to improve performance in specific area.

The team partnership working between AECOM and Southwark have led to Social Value and Environment improvements resulting in a Healthier environment for residents and users.


The Enjoy Waltham Forest team is part of the Highways and Traffic Management Team based in Waltham Forest Council; the team was formed when the Council were successfully awarded £27 million ‘Mini-Holland’ funding from Transport for London in 2014. The team is comprised of passionate engineers, transport planners, urban designers, behaviour change officers, and communications and engagement officers.

Enjoy Waltham Forest Team

London Borough of Waltham Forest

Team members come from a variety of backgrounds, sexes and nationalities and range from trainees to industry experts. The team’s overarching aim is to see a 10% modal share for cycling by 2020 and looks to reach this goal through utilising the team’s extensive skill set, cohesive working and setting exceptional but achievable targets.


The HS2 Enabling Works Contract in Area South exists to clear the way for the track, tunnelling and station construction works which will form the new high speed railway from London to Birmingham. Awarded to CSJV in November 2016, the works include a mixture of demolition, utilities, remediation and surveys – all facilitated by the Highways, Consents and Legacy teams.  

HS2 Enabling Works Area South

Costain Skanska Joint Venture (CSJV)

CSJV have established a diverse, highly capable team of individuals to deliver the highest of standards for all highway operations across the contract.

The team brings together people from a range of different backgrounds with varying skill sets and experience levels. By embracing our differences and helping each other to develop, we have been able to create a wealth of knowledge, a great relationship with our client team and suppliers, and a slick operational system.

The Traffic, Consents and Legacy teams have worked collaboratively to ensure strong engagement with local communities, highway authorities and stakeholders which has created trusting relationships with the people impacted by our construction activities.

This collaborative and innovative approach demonstrates a strong connection between the core values at CSJV and HS2, and the strong values which are embedded within the Chartered Institute of Highways & Transportation.


Markides Associates are an independent transport planning consultancy. They seek to be technically robust, financially successful, and a sustainable business that is a happy and productive place to work. These aims are implemented through effective governance, a clear business plan, staff and shareholder forums and a staff social committee. 

Markides Associates Transport Planning

Markides Associates

Markides is now a strong team of 22 staff (and growing), alongside 2 senior associates, and established relationships with specialists. 14 of 22 staff own shares in the company.

Markides’ project work ranges in value and scale, and several are ground-breaking, such as proposals for an ‘Intelligent Merchant City’ at Fawley Waterside, and work with Hertfordshire LEP. Team-working is an integral part of Markides’ approach, using the appropriate skills for the right tasks. They hold regular CPD sessions and have established a training scheme and skills matrix for the company. Many staff are pursuing careers development with CIHT and previous staff have undertaken TPP training.

Markides Associates seeks to champion diversity and inclusion and are proud to be included on CIHT’s Diversity and Inclusion Charter. In 2018, Markides sponsored ICE’s youth engineering competition.

The aim is a highly professional, profitable, and sustainable business that will pass on to the next generation.


The West Midlands Highway Alliance (WMHA) aims to share good practice, improve efficiencies and improve service delivery.

Representing authorities in Coventry, Dudley, Herefordshire, Sandwell, Solihull, Shropshire, Warwickshire, Walsall and Worcestershire, the WMHA was supported by Atkins and Measure 2 Improve.

West Midlands Highways Alliance

West Midlands Highways Alliance

Working as team during 2018, it reviewed the Department for Transport Incentive fund and the Well-managed Highway Infrastructure Code of Practice to help collectively achieve Level 3 status and maximise funding from DfT.

Reviewing the DfT Incentive Fund, it prioritised questions and put in place actions, support and guidance. A sub group was also formed to help define the data that should be collected for one of the asset groups of the generic Performance Management Framework that was developed to support the DfT Incentive Fund.

For the CoP, Atkins delivered workshops with resulting recommendations that 3rd party liabilities should be recognised and processes should be aligned with a corporate risk management approach and Performance Management Framework.

The WMHA has also benefitted from the Light Peer Review that was developed by Herefordshire as the lead authority. Using the Peer Review has fostered a greater sense of team work between participating authorities and has created a network of peers to work collaboratively.

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