Better Planning, Better Transport, Better Places

For the last 20 years, governments have attempted to encourage a more sustainable approach to transport but have made limited progress.  The way we currently travel is damaging our health, harming our towns, and contributing to climate change. This advice provides some necessary steps to fixing the problem.

The advice

CIHT's Better Planning, Better Transport, Better Places advice document focuses on the critical practical steps that can be taken by planning professionals, developers, advisers, and local communities to overcome these barriers, from developing a strategic or Local Plan to delivering a development. It not only works within the context of current planning legislation and the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) but also provides recommendations for the government for improving current policy.

Through this advice, creating places that meet the requirements of the 21st century in terms of all the critical elements of environmental, economic, and social sustainability while also effectively delivering the homes needed will be possible. The effective integration of planning and transport is fundamental to achieving this objective.



Future events 

CIHT, supported by RTPI and TPS will be engaging on a programme of events in the English regions to promote the advice to members.