Aggregate Industries: The Road to Net Zero

14th Nov 2023

Net zero is the biggest challenge of our generation and every sector has a part to play in helping the world become more sustainable.

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As a business, Aggregate Industries is committed to driving this change forward, with the roads sector being just one industry where knowledge will be fundamental for future action. 

Having recently conducted a survey of public and private highways professionals Aggregate Industries acknowledges that there is a clear challenge and a long way to go in progressing towards net zero and carbon reduction.

Speedbumps along the way

While there is evidence of a clear direction of travel, the results spotlight the challenges and contradictions being felt along the way.

Increasing inflation, interest rate rises, supply chain lead times, planning delays and skills shortages have all combined to impact nearly every aspect of the industry and anticipating and responding to these challenges is no easy feat. 

From the research, it appears that across the roads sector, carbon reduction is among the highest priorities for a majority of organisations and that more than half of those questioned have an official, published net zero strategy in place. It’s also reassuring to see that an overwhelming majority are willing to pay more for a product or service that meets sustainability expectations. 

Long road ahead

However, the reality is that, while certainly a step in the right direction, this is not nearly enough, especially considering that only around half of all highways organisations have audited their scope 1 emissions – a figure which falls dramatically for scope two and for scope three emissions. 

When asked to select the biggest challenges to carbon reduction, three issues clearly stood out in the field, including changing materials, investing in plant and changing energy suppliers. 

Ultimately, there is still a long road ahead as the highways sector steps up to the net zero challenge. There is a growing onus on high-emitting industries to take a shift from optimism to action. It will be those who keep sustainability at the forefront of their work, with a dedicated team and tangible change. 

With more than a quarter of all UK carbon emissions attributed to transportation, the decarbonisation of our highways network is a net zero imperative. Even though most local authorities and many private sector highways organisations have declared their commitment to net zero, there are still many hurdles to overcome in making this age-defining transition a reality.

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Aggregate Industries is delivering growth through sustainable thinking. Committed to playing a significant role in enabling the UK to transition to net zero, Aggregate Industries is driving decarbonisation across the construction materials sector.
With a broad, established range of low carbon solutions and a focus on the circular economy, Aggregate Industries continues to invest in R&D and innovation, working in partnership with sustainability-focused stakeholders, with the goal of becoming the UK’s leading supplier of sustainable construction materials.
It is the first company to be certificated to BES 6001, The Framework Standard for the Responsible Sourcing of Construction Products, developed by the BRE (Building Research Establishment).
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