Carolyn Rollo, CIHT Scotland Chair

1st Feb 2024

A transport planner with over 15 years’ of experience, Carolyn’s focus of work has always been in the development planning space, ranging from the development of new: roads, railway stations, towns and renewable energy solutions.

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Carolyn provides support and guidance to everyone ranging from individual land owners, investment firms and developers through to local authorities and regional transport partnerships throughout the development process including for due diligence, business case appraisal, masterplanning, stakeholder / public engagement to planning application submission and consent negotiations.

Carolyn directs Meinhardt’s business in Scotland.

Carolyn has been Honorable Secretary and Vice Chair for CIHT Scotland, and prior to this, she led the CIHT Scotland Events Programme. Carolyn is enthusiastic and excited about the challenges and opportunities facing the transport industry in Scotland and is keen to ensure that CIHT Scotland members are supported by the institution throughout their career.


1. How many years have you been working in the sector and what was your first job?

Upon completion of my undergraduate degree (MA (Hons) in Geography from University of Aberdeen) I moved to Glasgow to start working with Colin Buchanan as a Graduate Transport Planner in 2007 – so 16 and a bit years! 

2. What’s your proudest moment working in the sector?

I don’t think I could name just one. I feel proud when I see people I work or worked with doing well in their careers and as I work predominately in the development planning space, passing by projects I have worked on and pointing out ‘I did that!’ Much to the annoyance of whoever is with me. 

3. What would you say is the main purpose of the region and how does it benefit members?

For members we (the Scottish region Committee) are the face of the Institution and are at the forefront of delivering CPD events, responding to consultations and contributing to the transport sector which align with the needs and wants of Scottish members. We have continued to host a number of events online to help extend the reach of our activities across the membership in Scotland.

4. What is an example of something the region is working on at the moment?

This year we introduced a new award, ‘the Career Achievement Award’, designed to recognise the success of a member who has contributed to the Scottish transport sector over a number of years and to close off the year we are hosting a Christmas themed pub quiz. In 2024 we are excited to welcome CIHT CEO Sue Percy for a visit. We are also at the early stages of progressing a new initiative to record and recognise transport related historical infrastructure with links to Scotland that is of significant historical or social interest nationally or internationally. 

5. How can people get involved in the region?

In the first instance I would encourage members and non-members to engage with the events and initiatives facilitated by the region by following us on LinkedIn. We need your feedback to make sure we are on track with how you would like to see CIHT support you in your career. Secondly for members who would like to support either delivering events, responding to public consultations or to learn more about the region please email Lastly you can become involved directly by joining the Committee in Scotland, we are always looking for new members. We also have a number of sub-groups to the Committee and members are welcome to join these – there is no need to be on Committee and for some the groups can be a stepping stone to joining the Committee in the future, but there is no obligation to do so.

6. Why did you become a regional chair?

As a region we have a strong succession plan in place, becoming chair felt more like a natural progression as opposed to a conscious decision. I have been on committee for nearly 10 years and over that period I have taken on different roles and responsibilities which has been fantastic at building experience. The reason I originally joined committee was because Stevie Revill (former CIHT Scotland Chair) twisted my arm and I’m glad he did!

7. What are your top three priorities for the region?

Promoting a diversity of thought in the region by encouraging graduates, from the non-traditional academic backgrounds, to become part of the transport industry 
Delivering events which contribute to Scottish members having the skills and experience needed for resilient careers and to support their ongoing CPD
Recognising and preserving the history of the institution in Scotland 

8. What do you enjoy most about being a regional chair?

Working with committee colleagues - we have a fantastic committee with passionate members all working towards supporting you. I also enjoy meeting CIHT staff and members from across the country, contributing to national initiatives and decision making for all members and let’s not forget all those dinners you get invited to! 

9. What benefits have come from being involved in the regional committee?

There are so many benefits associated with my own personal and professional development which the committee have given me however the stand out is the people I have met along the way. 

10. What advice would you give someone considering joining a regional committee?

If you want to look back on your career and say ‘I contributed to the legacy of the Institution in Scotland’ then you need to join committee and we need you.  


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