CIHT calls for investment in highways & transportation infrastructure

17th Feb 2020

Investment in highways & transportation sector vital to address key policy areas

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CIHT has urged the government to fully recognise in the forthcoming budget the importance of investing in highways and transportation infrastructure and the services it delivers.

A full version of CIHT’s submission to HM Treasury is available here

Sue Percy CBE, Chief Executive, CIHT said:

“Highways & Transportation is not just critical to economic performance and productivity, but it addresses other key public policy areas where it is often not recognised as part of the solution and sometimes even seen as a barrier. This budget provides an opportunity for the government to invest in the sector to deliver real solutions to environmental, economic and social challenges.” 

In a recent budget submission to HM Treasury, CIHT outlined the areas that government should focus investment on. These have included;

  1. Developing a national transport strategy
    CIHT calls for the government to set out a clear vision and strategy that sets out how transport will contribute to key policy areas

  2. Providing certainty for the sector on key projects and programmes
    CIHT calls for the government to confirm the details of the second Road Investment Strategy for the Strategic Highways Network and to confirm the timing of HS2 as part of the budget announcements

  3. Improving the local highway network
    CIHT calls for the government to commit to deliver a four-point strategy for the Local Road Network that will create a vision, funding and focus to the local road network over the next ten years

  4. Supporting a sustainable and healthy transport network
    CIHT calls for the government to invest in the development of sustainable and active travel by supporting the development of improved capability across the sector, confirming its bus strategy and funding package and identifying cross departmental funding to support the switch to sustainable and active travel

  5. Road Safety
    CIHT calls for the government to develop a long-term strategy for significantly reducing the number of people killed and injured on our roads. This will require a clear vision for how that will be achieved and funding to deliver the strategy. CIHT will work with the government and others across that sector to deliver that strategy

  6. Skills and capability
    CIHT calls for the government to work with the highways and transportation sector to produce a clear strategy for developing the workforce to deliver the governments transport strategy. This would enable the UK to export those skills and capability internationally

  7. Resilient networks
    CIHT calls for transport resilience assessments to be made a statutory requirement for all transport asset owners to identify vulnerable areas and for a central fund to be established to support the mitigation of these vulnerable areas.

CIHT believe that investing in highways and transportation would have a positive impact on key policy areas including:

  • Inequality – providing access to education and jobs for all needs a range of transport solutions. All our communities are dependent on the certainty and continuity of infrastructure and services through capital and resource support. Our highways and transport networks need to be inclusive, designed and maintained for all users.

  • Decarbonisation – the transport sector is one area where emissions are not reducing. The need for infrastructure to support a move towards electrification of vehicles and a shift in some journeys to more sustainable modes will require significant investment.

  • Housing and sustainable communities – planning and development of sustainable communities requires an improved integration of planning and transport. This will produce homes and communities that are in the right place and have sustainable transport provision at their heart. Investment in resource is required to achieve the outcomes that government envisage.

  • Health – a move to active travel will not only address decarbonisation and sustainable development but will have clear benefits for improved health as people walk and cycle more. Creating that change will require investment both in infrastructure and the resource to change behaviours. There will be a continuing need to address the impact of all emissions from vehicles. Safety will need to be a continuing focus for government and the sector – too many people die on our highways network.

  • Supporting the economy – effective transport infrastructure and systems are a fundamental requirement for a successful economy and all aspects of business across the UK whilst providing links that support international trade. Changes to the automotive and freight sectors through automation and electrification rely on the right infrastructure being in place for those changes to be effective. The positive impacts of R&D in those sectors both nationally and internationally need to be supported by our highways and transportation networks.

  • Planning for the future – the Future of Mobility and CIHT FUTURES reports both highlighted the need for change in the way we think about the future of transport and make sure that the large investment required is used effectively.

A full version of CIHT’s submission to HM Treasury is available here

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