CIHT’s Green and Blue Infrastructure report wins Climate Change and Resilience Award

21st Sept 2023

We are delighted to announce that Isobel Wilson, CIHT Policy Advisor – Transport Technology, and James Elliott FCIHT, Elliott Asset Management have won the PIARC UK Climate Change and Resilience award for their research paper titled ‘How to encourage Green and Blue Infrastructure in the Transport Sector’.

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The award-winning paper submitted by Isobel and James was based on the recent CIHT report ‘Green and Blue Infrastructure: a transport sector perspective’. 

The paper covers:

  • What Green and Blue Infrastructure (GBI) is and why it is important.
  • Global and UK GBI policy.
  • Why GBI isn’t being implemented in the UK due to siloed working and industry misconceptions.
  • How GBI influences climate change adaptation actions for roads.
  • A series of case studies of examples of good practice for implementing GBI in the UK that were selected from CIHT award winners.

The key messages from this report can be summarised as a need for:

  • Greater promotion of GBI to improve awareness and understanding.
  • Improved guidance in the form of highway-specific standards and specifications.
  • Empowered local authorities who have funding and resources to implement GBI features.



The PIARC UK award was presented at the Department of Transport by David Ogden (Chair of PIARC UK) on 18th September – from Left to right – Isobel Wilson, James Elliot, David Ogden.

PIARC is an international organisation that fosters and facilitates global discussion and knowledge sharing on roads and road transport. The Association now boasts 125 government members worldwide and retains consultative status to the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations.  For more on PIARC go to:

PIARC UK is the United Kingdom National Committee of PIARC.


New CIHT Learn Course

This PIARC UK award for Climate Change and Resilience coincides with the launch of a new CIHT Learn course (free to CIHT members) ‘An Introduction to Green and Blue Infrastructure’. 
By completing this CIHT Learn course we hope that users will:

  • Have a confident understanding of the political, social, economic, environmental and legal drivers for delivering GBI.
  • Have an understanding of what functions and benefits GBI components deliver from the perspective of a highways or transport professional.
  • Be able to describe how GBI relates to nature-based solutions, ecosystem services, natural capital and biodiversity net gain.  
  • Be able to advocate for high-quality GBI within the public realm e.g. as integrated components along our streets, roads and highways.
  • Have an understanding of what Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS) are, how they work and the role GBI plays in delivering SuDS at different scales, in different locations.
  • Gain an understanding of how GBI can support the circular economy of public realm assets.

GreenBlue Urban:

The CIHT's "Introduction to Green and Blue Infrastructure" is an excellent, user-friendly resource for anyone interested in sustainable development. It's informative, practical, and easy to follow.
The inclusion of case studies is a major plus, course simplifies complex concepts, making it accessible for all levels of participants.
Whether you're a professional or just curious, this guide is an asset for a greener future. Highly recommended!

The Institute of Chartered Foresters:

The ICF is pleased to endorse this course, which will give our members and others the cross-sector understanding on how to incorporate Green and Blue Infrastructure into their working practice.


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