Technical advice on traffic lights and crossings released by DfT

7th Jan 2020

Traffic lights and crossings are a key tool in managing traffic. New technical advice was released by the Department for Transport in chapter six of the Traffic signs manual which was released in December.


Chapter six of the Traffic signs manual provides technical advice on designing traffic light junctions, crossings, and other types of traffic control. It supersedes the advice given in a range of traffic advisory leaflets and local transport notes. 

The Traffic Signs Manual (the Manual) is a key piece of guidance which offers advice to traffic authorities and their contractors, designers and managing agents in the United Kingdom, on the correct use of traffic signs and road markings on the highway network.

The following documents are superseded by the advice in this new addition:

a) Traffic Advisory Leaflet 2/03 ‘Signal‑control at Junctions on High speed Roads’, in respect of the advice on Speed Assessment and Speed Discrimination

b) Traffic Advisory Leaflet 3/03 ‘Equestrian Crossings’

c) Traffic Advisory Leaflet 5/05 ‘Pedestrian Facilities at Signal‑controlled Junctions’

d) Traffic Advisory Leaflet 1/06 ‘General Principles of Traffic Control by Light Signals’

e) Traffic Advisory Leaflet 1/08 ‘Wig‑wag signals’

f) Traffic Advisory Leaflet 1/13 ‘Reducing Sign Clutter’

g) Local Transport Note 1/95 ‘The Assessment of Pedestrian Crossings’

h) Local Transport Note 2/95 ‘The Design of Pedestrian Crossings’

i) Local Transport Note 1/98 ‘The installation of traffic signals and associated equipment’


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