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11th Mar 2024

CIHT have launched a Digital Skills Survey to understand how transport professionals personally rate their digital skills.

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How experienced are you at using artificial intelligence tools? Can you confidently find and analyse the data you need to meet project targets? Do you know how to protect your work from cybersecurity threats?

CIHT would like you to answer these questions by completing our Digital Skills Survey. The survey should not take more than 5 minutes to complete. Your answers will help us to assess current capabilities and set recommendations so that the average transport professional can feel that they are equipped with the skills needed to embrace new technologies, now and in the future.

Survey Deadline – Friday 22 March 2024

>>> Click here to answer our Digital Skills Survey


What are digital skills?

Simply put, digital skills are our ability to utilise digital technologies. Of course, ‘digital technologies’ is a vast umbrella term that can encompass many things, but some common technologies most of us will be familiar with range from word processing software (Microsoft Word), virtual meeting platforms (Microsoft Teams, Zoom, etc.), email management (Outlook, Gmail, etc.) and social media (LinkedIn, X, TikTok etc).

However, are we as familiar with these technologies as we would like to be?

A recent report from FutureDotNow revealed that 59% of the UK labour force are missing basic digital skills around safety, productivity and more.  


Why is CIHT interested in this? 

Through the research undertaken to produce CIHT’s recent report on ‘the role of data and artificial intelligence in achieving transport decarbonisation’, the CIHT Policy and Technical team identified the potential risk that the transport sector could be facing a digital skills gap. 

The term ‘digital skills gap’ used here refers to the growing disparity between the technological advancements of the industry and the existing skill sets of its workforce. 

Through an initial workshop held with our CIHT Technical Champions and Emerging Professional Network, we identified five key digital skills we think transport professionals will need to be confident in, for the future of transport. 

These areas were:

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) – technology that can perform human-like tasks, such as perception, creativity, logic, and reasoning.
  • Data handling – collecting, cleaning (fixing or removing incorrect, corrupted, incorrectly formatted, duplicate, or incomplete data), analysing and storing data.
  • Stakeholder engagement – communicating with groups of people who have significant influence on a topic and/or will be affected by a decision/proposal.
  • Geographic information systems (GIS) – a computer system for capturing, storing, checking, and displaying data related to positions on Earth’s surface.
  • Cyber security – technology that protects the work you do on electronic devices, from unauthorised access.


How can I get involved?

Please complete this short survey to help us gather a picture of current digital skill capabilities within the transport sector.

We predict that this survey will take less than 5 minutes for you to complete, and the information we gain from it will be incredibly useful to the CIHT Policy and Technical team as they research this topic. 

If you need any assistance in completing this survey, or you have any questions about this project and the work the CIHT Policy and Technical team are undertaking, please email

Survey Deadline – Friday 22 March 2024

>>> Click here to answer our Digital Skills Survey


Interested in data? Why not attend our upcoming Masterclass – The Power of Data for Social Inclusion on Thursday 21 March 1-2pm 

In this CIHT Masterclass we will explore the power of data for improving transportation for the most vulnerable members of society, especially when it comes to safety and affordability.

By attending this Masterclass you will learn about:

  • The evolving dynamics of the transportation sector and the increasing role of data in shaping policies, infrastructure, and services.
  • The importance of collecting diverse and representative datasets to ensure that the experiences of all user groups, especially vulnerable populations, are accurately captured.
  • The tools available to transport professionals to gain deeper insights into the specific needs and challenges faced by transport users.
  • How you to collect and analyse data whilst communicating your findings to relevant stakeholders - data alone is powerful, but the ability to communicate insights is equally crucial.

You’ll be hearing from:
Gideon Salutin, Transport Policy Researcher at the Social Market Foundation.
Amy Pidwill, Senior Road Safety Lead for Transport for London.
Raphael Canty, Principal Data Analyst at Transport for London.

Don't miss the opportunity to take part in our live Q&A session where you can ask our guest speakers your questions. 


>>> CIHT Members can register for this CIHT Masterclass for FREE by clicking here


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Join other savvy professionals just like you at CIHT.  We are  committed to fulfilling your professional development needs throughout your career

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