Dates & Fees - IEng

Please see below for information on the 2021 and 2022 IEng submission deadlines, interview dates and associated fees.

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Important Update: COVID-19

CIHT staff are continuing to work remotely due to the ongoing pandemic. Candidates will therefore only be required to submit a soft copy of their Portfolio of Evidence or Technical Report to for an admin check. No hard copies will be required. 

Interviews will be held remotely via Microsoft Teams in 2021. Please note that the interview periods shown below may need to be extended.

IEng Professional Review 2021

UK Autumn Reviews 2021
Submission Deadline – Friday 13 August  
Interviews Held: 4 - 8 October 

Hong Kong Reviews 2021 
Submission Deadline – Friday 24 September 
Interviews Held: 8 - 12 November

IEng Professional Review 2022

UK Spring Reviews 2022
Submission Deadline – Friday 21 January 
Interviews Held: March 2022 

UK Autumn Reviews 2022 
Submission Deadline – Friday 12 August
Interviews Held: October 2022

Hong Kong Reviews 2022 
Submission Deadline – Friday 23 September 
Interviews Held: w/c 7 November 

IEng Technical Report 2021

Please note: The Technical Report Synopsis (Stage 1) can be submitted at any time during the year, however candidates must ensure that they leave sufficient time for these to be assessed (this may take up to six weeks) and for the subsequent preparation of their Stage 2 Technical Report to meet the relevant deadlines.

UK Autumn Interviews 2021
Full Technical Report (Stage 2) Submission Deadline: – Friday 6 August 
Interviews (Stage 3): 27 September - 1 October

IEng Technical Report 2022

UK Spring Interviews 2022
Full Technical Report (Stage 2) Submission Deadline: – Friday 11 February
Interviews (Stage 3): w/c 21 March (possibly running into April)

UK Autumn Interviews 2022
Full Technical Report (Stage 2) Submission Deadline: – Friday 5 August
Interviews (Stage 3): w/c 26 September (possibly running into October)

IEng Fees 2021

Professional Review Assessment £325.00
Further Learning Report Assessment £160.00
Stage 1 Technical Report Assessment (Synopsis) £75.00
Stage 2 and 3 Technical Report Assessment (Full Report and Interview) £235.00
Candidate Appeal Fee £90.00


Engineering Council Registration Fees 2021

Engineering Council Registration (New Entrants) £44.90
Engineering Council Registration (Renewals) £34.70
Engineering Council (Retired/Hardship Rate) £15.40
Engineering Council Interim Registration (New entrants) £10.90
Engineering Council Interim Registration (Renewals) £14.60
Reinstatement Fee £35.00