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Get in touch with the local committee e: london@ciht.org.uk

Daniel Jackson


Daniel is Senior Business Development Manager at Farrans Construction. He is a Fellow of CIHT and is educated with a BSc (Hons) Construction Management that he proudly achieved whilst studying part time. He has 20 years industry experience covering both commercial and operational roles.


Daniel joined the East Midland Branch committee (now East of England region) in 2010 and became a nominated member of Council in 2011 serving a three year term. After relocating to NW London he joined CIHT London region in 2016.

He is the current Chair of the Civil Engineering Contractors Association (CECA) Transport Group and Water Group.

You can reach out to Daniel through his LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/in/constructiondj/

Karen Agbabiaka


Karen is a Chief Officer for a local authority and accountable for a number of key services. Karen has over 30 years’ experience in the industry and is renowned for her technical knowledge, strategic direction and implementation of government initiatives and managing complex issues within highly political and pressurised environments that are constantly in the public eye. 

Philip Loy

Communications Officer/ Immediate Past Chair

Philip is a consultant engineer specialising in cycle planning and design, sustainable transport more widely, as well as the development of public realm and traffic management schemes. He has worked for several consultancies and local authorities on a range of schemes involving technical advice and project management.


Find out more about Philip's current role through his LinkedIn:


Deone Costley

Programme & Events Coordinator

Deone is a Senior Engineer in the Urban Highways Design at Arcadis UK. He is a Member of CIHT and has over 9 years industry experience covering both client and consultant roles.


Deone started his career as a Civil Engineer Apprentice where he developed urban design engineering, routine maintenance planning and project development skills. He then moved to work at various consultants working in both rural and urban settings, designing traffic management schemes such as HGV route signage, 20mph zone and limits, traffic calming schemes, pedestrian improvement schemes, road safety enhancements, cycle schemes and bus route improvement schemes.

Deon joined Arcadis in 2019 and continues to work on a series of urban realm schemes but more recently has been working on HS2 coordinating secure access provisions to various assets.

You can reach out to Deone via his LinkedIn - linkedin.com/in/deone-costley/

Stelios Rodoulis

Committee member

Stelios currently works in the Digital Solutions Development Hub at Jacobs, supporting a portfolio of emerging and existing technologies. Stelios has 10 years’ experience in the transport industry. His academic background includes transport and urban planning. 

Stelios has graduated from the London School of Economics, University of Reading and Westminster University.

Stelios is passionate about driverless technology and its impact on cities. He was a member of the Volterra Jacobs team which was one of the finalists for the Wolfson Economics Prize 2017, the largest economics prize in the world after the Nobel Prize. The team’s proposal to combat congestion and ensure the sustainability of future road maintenance, included a combination of dynamic road pricing, CAVs and Blockchain.

Stelios is a forward looking individual with a keen eye for the bigger picture, especially with regards to the interaction of urban and transport planning with technology.

Shamaka Chandramohan

Committee member

Shamaka completed his MEng Civil Engineering degree at UCL in 2014. He is currently a Transport Planner working at JACOBS. He has 5 years’ experience in microsimulation modelling (LEGION/SATURN), cost-benefit analysis and developing business cases.

John Richardson

Committee member

John is head of technical development services to Colas in Great Britain and Isle of Man.  He is a Chartered Chemist and Chartered Engineer. He worked previously for George Wimpey and Tarmac Quarry Products, before joining Colas in 2000.  

He has contributed to various published papers and sits on various committees of trade associations and standards-making bodies.

John Richardson has a BSc Honours Degree in Applied Chemistry and is a Chartered Chemist and Chartered Engineer (Energy Institute). He is head of technical development services to Colas for their operations in Great Britain and Isle of Man. He had spent 23 years with George Wimpey Company involved with quality control, quality management, research and development, and overseas contracting. He transferred to Tarmac Quarry Products following a company asset swap where he spent 4 years mainly involved in design and evaluation of pavements, before joining Colas Ltd in 2000. He is a member of various committees of trade associations and standards-making bodies. He has contributed to various published papers, including co-author of the textbook Asphalts in Road Construction, and received the William Webb Prize as co-author of the best paper in the Transport Journal at the Institution of Civil Engineers. He is also an active member of the committee of the Construction Materials Group of the Society of Chemical Industry, receiving the George Bessey Award in 2016.

Farhad Hassani

Committee member

Farhad is a Prof. in Highway Transportation Engineering Concrete Pavement Design. He is a fellow of CIHT and is educated with BSc in Transport systems, MSc in Highway and Transportation from Birmingham University followed with PhD in Flexible Concrete Pavement from Westminster University. 

He has over 30 years academic experience as well as research and practice experience in different aspect of pavements. He has published over 100 research papers in journals over the years. He has also served as committee member of concrete durability and properties at TRB for 12 years.

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