Previous Branch History

In 2015 CIHT’s 18 UK Branches were restructured to 12 Regions to match the boundaries of the Devolved Nations and the English Regions.

On Tuesday 24 April 2015 the North Western Branch became CIHT North West.

The North Western Branch was formed on 8 April 1949 from what was the original Northern Branch founded in Manchester on 23 April 1939. The original Northern Branch covered Lancashire, Cheshire, Yorkshire, Lincolnshire, Northumberland, Durham, Cumberland, Westmorland and Staffordshire. It also covered Scotland and parts of Wales. In 1949 the North Western Branch included North Wales, Cumberland, Westmorland and Staffordshire, however, these areas were subsequently formed into their own Branches or joined with another branch.


An Illustrious History

The North Western Branch celebrated its 50th anniversary on 8 April 1999 and was one of the largest branches having around 1000 members. Five members of the Branch had become National President since 1949 starting with:
Sir James Drake (1959-1960)
Michael Callery (1989-1990)
David Ogden (1999-2000)
Alistair Haydock (2006-2007)
Chris Jackson (2009-2010)

Certificate of Merit

The Institution’s Certificate of Merit has been awarded to six members of the Branch:
Donald Dean (1979)
Don Hestor (1980)
Bill Johnson (1986)
Gordon Stinson (1998)
Keith Patterson (2002)
Phil Mason (2011)
The Branch has always been well represented on the CIHT’s Council, its Boards and Committees.

North Western Motorway History

Work on developing the UK Motorway system, which transformed British travel, started in the mid-1950s and it all started in the North West.

Past Chairs

Details on the previous chairs of the North West Region and Branch can be found below.

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