Young Professionals Committee

CIHT North West established a Young Professional Committee (YPC), in September 2008. The Committee was initially introduced by Mike Peet and Jamie Povall with Jamie as the inaugural Chair.
The current Chair of the YPC is Anna Craciun who currently works for Atkins based in Manchester.

Aims and Purpose of the Young Professionals Committee:

The YPC was established to promote the Institution and the profession to younger members and students. At the time of creating the YPC it was noted that there appeared to be a low numbers of young professionals involved or engaged with CIHT activities and there was an aspiration to widen the audience and involvement with CIHT.

Aims of the YPC:-

  • Provide a range of varied CPD and social events;
  • Provide a chance to meet and network with fellow young professionals;
  • Assist in career development;
  • Promote CIHT, including professional qualifications; and
  • Provide wider insight into various disciplines of transport.

How Does the Young Professionals Committee Operate?

The YPC consists of a number of younger people within the profession. They meet on a few occasions during the year to develop a programme of events. The YPC will always welcome new additions to the Committee and is particularly interested to obtain members who are currently undergraduates. If you would like to get involved in the YPC please contact the current Chair,  Anna for more information; or any of the other members listed on the Who’s Who Page.
Initially programmes have focussed on evening events discussing routes to promote professional qualifications and a number of technical topics. Also the YPC has been involved in working with other institutions including the Transport Planning Society and the Royal Town Planning Institute on events such as quizzes and technical evening topics.

Young Professionals Seminars and Events :

The Young Professionals Group runs a series of CPD seminars and social events in the Region. Details of this are published in the 'events' tabs.

Presentation slides from John-Paul Doherty's (Atkins) session on Smart Motorways can be downloaded here -  Are Smart Motorways Safe?

What About The Future ?

The YPC is keen to broaden the activities it promotes and the YPC intends using feedback through future North West survey's so that this can help to develop a future programme of activities. Typical activities on our programme include:

  • Briefings on Routes to Membership (C.Eng, I.Eng, TPP)
  • Mentoring (through support from the CIHT North West senior members)
  • Social events such as quizzes
  • Papers Competition;  
  • Programme of transport related technical papers

Mentoring Support

Mentors can have an important role is supporting candidates with submission for professional qualifications. Ideally mentors will be from the potential candidate’s own organisation. However, CIHT North West does have a number of Professional Reviewers that may be willing to assist and support candidates with their submission.

Areas of support and assistance that could be provided by Professional Reviewers :-

  • assist with the structure and format of submissions.
  • provide a degree of challenge to the report submission, project synopsis and other content.
  • assist with preparation for the formal interview stage.

A mentor must not contribute to any content in the report submission or be involved in the assessment process of the candidate being supported.

Advice On Finding A Mentor

If a candidate does not have mentor support in their own organisation and is seeking support then CIHT headquarters in Britannia Walk should be contacted initially, please email: