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This year, the CIHT Awards will be presented in a new and different way. Never more than now, has there been a reason to celebrate who we are, and how we will safeguard the future of our industry. For this reason, CIHT has developed a programme of digital initiatives, designed to share knowledge from all those companies that have been shortlisted, through to the announcements of the winners.


11 Awards / 3 Themes / 3 FREE Lunchtime Webcasts

Our awards themes this year represent how our sector is Supporting those that work for us and how the sector is using Innovation continuously to improve what we do.

The environmental challenges and the unanticipated positive impacts on our carbon footprint has not gone unnoticed. Together, we can come together to learn, adapt and change for the good of all, represented by our theme, Shaping the Future.

CIHT will be showcasing each theme and the shortlisted entries in three seperate free lunchtime webinars. Register today and ensure you don't miss out.

Structure of the Webcasts

Key industry leaders will be involved in each event, via a brief thought piece, before the shortlists are announced and entries profiled.

In these webcasts you will be able to hear about each of the entries, get inspiration and see best practice in the sector. After the webcast the full information for each entry will be made available for CIHT members in the Members Area.


Supporting One Another

FREE Lunchtime Webcast 10 June 2020, 13:00-14:00

These awards illustrate how when groups of people come together the whole can be greater than the sum of its parts. Entries in these categories showcase best practice in managing relationships and keeping people, your employees or colleagues, motivated and engaged. The examples showcased will serve as great inspiration for anyone working with the management of people (or those with aspirations to do so); whether that be teams, departments, whole companies or small or large project groups across boundaries of different organisations. In fact, anyone who works with other people can learn from these entries.

This webcast will be the first of three where we will announce the shortlisted entries. In this webcast we will present the shortlisted entries for the entries under the theme Supporting One Another.

The categories in the Supporting One Another category are:

  • Employer of the Year
  • Team of the Year
  • CIHT / Autodesk Collaboration Award



FREE Lunchtime Webcast 11 June 2020, 13:00-14:00

The Innovation theme is about the technical and innovative projects that continues to push the boundaries of what the sector can do and delivering world leading innovation. In this category you will get inspiration about the latest and best use of technology in the highways sector. See how the sector is applying the latest technology and innovations such as big data analytics, artificial intelligence, automation and robots and more to deliver safe, resilient and high-performing transportation infrastructure and services

In this webcast we will announce and profile the shortlisted entries under the Innovation theme.

The categories in are:

  • Engineering Award
  • Innovation of the Year
  • International Award
  • CIHT / Kier Road Safety Award


Shaping the Future

FREE Lunchtime Webcast 18 June 2020, 13:00-14:00 

Shaping the Future is about the delivery of the visions we have for our physical environments and transport networks. It is about sustainable transport, infrastructure and placemaking. It is about how you plan, design and build transport networks for everyone. These are the latest and greatest examples in this space.

Across these entries you will see how putting the customer at the focus of what you’re delivering, through consultation and engagement with communities and stakeholders, results in better outcomes for all.

The projects entered in these categories are examples of the type of infrastructure we should be building as the sector is charged with delivering a green restart from the COVID-19 crisis, both in terms of design and use of materials.


In this webcast we will present the shortlisted entries for the entries under the theme Shaping the Future.

The categories in the Shaping the Future category are:

  • Creating Better Places Award
  • Transport Planning Award
  • CIHT / City Science Healthy Transport Award
  • CIHT / Ringway Climate Change Award


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This webcast is a must attend to see if your work made the grade and if you are one step closer to winning a prestigious CIHT Award.

See if your work makes the grade and see what your competition is.

If you missed out on entering the awards don't miss out on these showcases

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  • Get a closer look at leading organisations and the work they do
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Further Information

When will the winners be announced?

We will celebrate the winners of the CIHT Awards 2020 via a webcast on 23rd June.

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