Useful documents, websites and presentations

The below sets out documents, websites and presentations the Asset Management Panel consider important for CIHT members active in Asset Management.

Presentation and Event Resources

Event: Transport Sector Resilience in a Changing World 11/04/2019. See the recorded presentations and slides from the event here.

Jason Glasson, Asset Capability Team Leader at Highways England, presented to the CIHT Asset Management Panel on HE's approach to asset management on the 05/02/2019. 
See slides here. Video presentation available here.

Useful Websites

Highways Maintenance Efficiency ProgrammeHMEP Efficiency Resources: A-Z
UK Roads Liason Group - Highway Infrastructure Asset Management Guidance
Highways Asset Management Planning Network


World Roads Association (2014)The importance of road maintenance
HMEP/UKRLGHighways – Maintaining a Vital Asset
HMEP (2012)HMEP Lifecycle Planning Toolkit
HMEP/UKRLG (2013) -  Highway Infrastructure Asset Management
UKRLGCodes of Practice
HMEPe-Learning toolkit
HMEPdrainage asset management guidance
DfT (2014)Transport Resilience review