Technology and Innovation Panel | Who's who

On this page you will find profiles of some of the current members of the CIHT Technology and Innovation Panel. 

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Chair of the Technology and Innovation Panel

Stelios holds a BSc in Regional Science as well as an MSc in Regional and Urban Planning Studies and an MSc in Transport Planning & Management. He works in the Digital Solutions Development Hub at Jacobs, supporting a portfolio of emerging and existing technologies. Stelios’ has 10 years of experience in the transport industry and his academic background includes transport and urban planning, after graduating from the London School of Economics. He has worked on transport planning for Connected & Autonomous Vehicles, transport data analysis and visualization, survey design and analysis and travel demand management.

Stelios Rodoulis

Stelios is passionate about driverless technology and its impact on cities and aviation. He was a member of the Volterra Jacobs team who was one of the finalists for the Wolfson Economics Prize 2017, the largest economics prize in the world after the Nobel Prize. The team’s proposal to combat congestion and ensure the sustainability of future road maintenance included a combination of dynamic road pricing, CAVs and Blockchain. Stelios is a forward-looking individual with a keen eye for the bigger picture, especially with regards to the interaction of urban and transport planning with technology.

Member of the Technology and Innovation Panel

Teresa Jolley, is a leading expert in local transport data sharing.  She is co-founder and Creative Director of DEFT153 Ltd (Delivering Efficiency for the 153 Local Authorities in England), for which she was shortlisted for the InnovateUK Women in Innovation Awards 2018 with the launch of the DEFT153 West Midlands Data Discovery Centre in January 2019.

Teresa and the team provide a sustainable, agile delivery led model for data sharing across organisations, sectors and disciplines that delivers business benefits, solves public sector challenges, and creates real social value.

Teresa Jolley