HW Martin (Traffic Management) Ltd

We are a national, award-winning, traffic management expert.  We deliver data-led low speed and high-speed traffic management solutions within temporary environments. These solutions meet the industry quality, safety and environmental standards outlined by National Highways Sector Scheme 12.

But our service is more than just cones and flashing lights – it’s about guiding road users safely and swiftly around roadworks.

We align with National Highways’ three imperatives in the following ways:

  1. Customer: delivering exceptional customer service and providing accurate advance journey information
  2. Safety: designing and delivering traffic management so that everyone feels safe using the Strategic Road Network
  3. Delivery: collaborating with our clients and partners to find ways of improving journey-time reliability

Our skilled traffic management experts work tirelessly to respond to the needs of our clients; keep road users safe; collaborate to add value; and innovate to meet the challenges of the future head on.

Safety at HW Martin (Traffic Management) Ltd is led by everyone from everywhere.  Our safety culture has its foundations in human factors and is known as Safe by Choice.  We empower our people to be accountable for their safety and that of their teammates.

Our vision is to be the ultimate traffic management partner of choice and there are five values that lie close to our heart:

  • Safe – we are accountable for ensuring that no one is harmed at work or by us because of our work
  • Trusted – we are responsible and work with integrity to fulfil our commitments
  • Agile – we are flexible, reliable, adaptable, and responsive to change
  • Progressive – we hunt out added value for our customers through collaboration and continuous improvement
  • Sustainable – we embrace diversity of thought, learn from our mistakes, and make better choices now to benefit the future



HW Martin (Traffic Management) Ltd

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Joanna Hill, Marketing and Communications Manager

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