CIHT International Award 2020 Shortlist

This award recognises outstanding examples of highways and transportation infrastructure or services from outside the UK and Ireland.

The Shortlist



Alaskan Way Viaduct Replacement Program


The seismically vulnerable Alaskan Way Viaduct once carried more than 90,000 vehicles every day through urban Seattle. By routing State Route 99 beneath the densely populated urban area, the new SR 99 tunnel minimized disruption during construction, returned the waterfront area to a human scale, and will protect the highway from earthquakes up to magnitude 9.

New and restored surface streets connect SR 99 with Seattle’s downtown business district, and an overpass allows freight traffic to avoid train blockages at Seattle’s busiest port terminal and remove barriers to getting goods to market.

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Constructing an International Airport to Secure Economic Future


In western Uganda, Colas’ Hoima International airport project has developed and is constructing a full-scale international freight and passenger airport - crucial to the region’s economic future and to establishing a sustainable oil industry in Uganda.

Colas UK has embraced the multi-layered challenges with its comprehensive and overarching approach to delivery. Recognising the importance of the natural environment and the potential impacts, robust management plans protect biodiversity, wildlife and delicate ecosystems and minimises negative impact on the environment and the local communities. We ensure the local population benefits from the skills development and employment opportunities with over 800 jobs created.

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Research for Community Access Partnership (ReCAP)


The Research for Community Access Partnership (ReCAP) is the largest research programme on rural transport globally. It works to improve mobility for one billion rural persons living without access to appropriate transport systems worldwide; most of whom reside in Sub-Saharan Africa and Asia. ReCAP aims to improve accessibility to economic opportunities and essential services for the rural poor in 12 countries in Africa and five in Asia, through improvements to rural transport infrastructure, and strengthening the evidence base on more cost effective and reliable low volume road and transport services approaches, thereby influencing policy and practice across Africa and Asia.

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Doha Metro


The Doha Metro is a new, state-of-the art, best in class automated rail network, running mostly underground and across the city of Doha. The Doha Metro forms the backbone of Qatar’s integrated public transport system and is a key ingredient in the accomplishment of the Qatar National Vision 2030. The Doha Metro is set to revolutionise the way people move around Doha and its suburbs. The Doha Metro serves most of the capital’s locations quickly and conveniently, with it 37 stations, 3 lines and 76 km, making it a far superior option to the private car.

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Diagnosing Vulnerability and Economic Resilience of Transport Systems, Infrastructure and Operations in the Western Balkans (DIVERSION)


The DIVERSION project is an example of a collaborative, multidisciplinary study dealing with current issues of climate change and the impact of natural hazards on transport network's resilience.

Wood designed and delivered a robust transportation-led project using an innovative approach for assessing climate risks and technical skills from Wood's climate, transport, engineering and economics teams along with expert input from RAND and local consultants.

The project was purposefully designed to build local adaptive capacity whilst contributing to the mainstreaming of regional and national adaptation effors to heighten appreciation of climate change and risks, which could be scaled to other geographies

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