CIHT Transport Planning Award

This award celebrates the value of transport planning in achieving positive outcomes for the benefit of the public, in creating new communities or on reducing the adverse impact of transport on communities.

The Shortlist



Travel Choice


Historically, addressing transport barriers to employment has been underexplored in our industry. Nottinghamshire County Council sought to address this by providing 1,000+ jobseekers with personalised travel advice about their transport options for reaching interviews, employment and training. In its two years, the Travel Choice programme reached its targets, supporting 1,060 jobseekers, of which 85 went on to re-enter employment, training or education. The reduction in payments from the public purse, increased tax contributions and wider GVA benefits as a result of these people re-entering employment created roughly £1m - £1.2m in benefits; with a BCR of 8:1 to 10:1.

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Highly Commended

Five Ways Underpass Closure


On Monday 3 June 2019, Five Ways underpass, one of the key routes in and out of Birmingham city centre, was closed to traffic as part of the Midland Metro Alliance’s Birmingham Westside Metro extension.

The closure had the potential to cause considerable disruption to the city’s traffic flow, had it not been for careful planning and preparation from three key organisations. Thanks to a close collaboration between the Midland Metro Alliance, Birmingham City Council (BCC), Transport for West Midlands (TfWM) and Birmingham-based businesses, the closure went ahead without a hitch, with minimal disruption to the travelling public.

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FIFA World Cup Transport Logistics


Moscow is one of the largest World Cup cities. Games were held at the Luzhniki stadium (82 000 people) situated in Moscow river peninsula, and Spartak stadium (44 000 people). Moscow also organized a Fan Fest visited by 170 000 fans. 19.5M rides are taken every day in Moscow. During the World Cup it was 1M higher. “For 2 years I have been repeating that 2018 Cup would be the best ever. Now I can say again that this is the best World Cup in history”, - said Gianni Infantino.

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SEGRO Logistics Park East Midands Gateway


SEGRO Logistics Park East Midlands Gateway is a 700-acre development, incorporating a 50-acre strategic rail freight terminal and 6,000,000 sq ft of logistics accommodation. Sustainable transport provision was considered at each major phase of development from the planning application, to the build, and finally first occupation. A Sustainable Transport Working Group was established to bring together stakeholders from the public and private sector, to collaboratively deliver a programme of progressive Travel Plan measures that have resulted in a sustainable mode share 20-percentage points higher than anticipated in the opening year; demonstrating excellence in effective smarter travel interventions.

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Transport for the North - Strategic Transport Plan


Transport for the North became England’s first Sub-national Transport Body in April 2018, with the vision of: “A thriving North of England, where world class transport supports sustainable economic growth, excellent quality of life and improved opportunities for all."

Our Strategic Transport Plan is the blueprint for rebalancing decades of underinvestment and transforming connectivity. It outlines how up to £70 billion of investment to 2050 could contribute towards an additional £100 billion in economic growth.

This marks the first time our region's civic and business leaders have spoken as one North to outline our vision for the future.

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