CIHT Autodesk Innovation of the Year Award

This award recognises innovation in the industry, this could be in terms of research, technology, products, processes and services that have impacted the organisation, industry and/or society positively. The innovation can apply to any aspect of the highways and transportation sector. Judging will consider the national and international impact of the entry and how applicable it is across the highways and transportation industry.

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How is digital engineering transforming the industry?

22nd Apr 2021

This podcast episode explores the impacts of covid on the construction and transportation industry. Is the industry reinventing itself now from the covid pandemic? What is the role of digital communications in construction? Featuring an interview with Marek Suchocki from Autodesk.

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Case Study

Read the Route E39 – Coastal Highway Case Study



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The Shortlist




A2 Bean and Ebbsfleet junction improvement - Digital innovation

The A2 Bean and Ebbsfleet junction improvement scheme are leading the way in digital construction, being the first scheme in highways, to create a data rich, fully attributed 3D BIM model, that standardises the approach to 4D (time and sequence) and 5D (cost planning), as well as reducing the need for drawings on-site. By implementing this digital way of thinking, it supports the clients three key imperatives, customer, delivery and safety. This new way of working is helping to reduce on-site activity 25% by 2025, evolve their working methodologies with the objective to work smarter, not harder. 

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Highly Commended


Augmented Visualisation of Underground Services (AVUS)

AVUS – ‘Making the invisible…….visible’

AVUS is revolutionising how you can view underground services on site to enhance safety, efficiency and sustainability. Using Augmented Reality (AR), AVUS provides site teams with constant and real-time access to the assets under their feet; and in walls, floors and ceilings – rather than paper-based systems with temporary mark-ups. AR is paving the way for simplifying operational processes in the industry. The benefits presented by AVUS underline the technology’s capacity to become a genuine game changer through the digitalisation of physical assets to support site safety and to provide digital twins for optimised future operation and maintenance.

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Highly Commended


Highest Safe Speed (HSS); Including 60mph in roadworks

Historically roadworks have been designed and operated at 50mph speed limits or lower and Highways England know that this is a key source of frustration for customers, with customer satisfaction in this area only 65% in 2015. In collaboration with supply chain partners, Highways England have been investigating a new innovative approach to the selection of speed limits.

The aim is to safely improve the customer experience through roadworks.

Highways England worked together to think differently about the way they approach roadworks, whilst always maintaining safety for road workers and users. Highways England have received positive results from our safety metrics and customers.

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Improving the utilisation of data through partnership

Transport for West Midlands is part of the ADEPT SMART Places Live Lab programme, designed to support local authorities develop ways to integrate digital technology into the transport network.

Through involvement in the programme an exciting opportunity was identified that saw TfMW work in partnership with West Midlands Police to improve the way to use data from ANPR cameras.

Deployed across the West Midlands Key Route Network TfMW used existing cameras, creating efficiencies and cost savings and to provide an improved service for tactical and strategic operation of the highway network through our Regional Transport Coordination Centre.

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CIHT Awards 2021 Overall Winner



Wendover Bypass – Quiet Asphalt – Benefitting the Local Community

Transport for Buckinghamshire (TfB) is a Strategic Partnership between Buckinghamshire County Council (BCC) and Ringway Jacobs (RJ) which enables the council direct access to the expertise of Jacobs, JLUK and Eurovia.

By utilising specialist design and construction expertise the partnership successfully delivered an ultra-quiet road surface course to reduce the environmental impact for the residents of Wendover from HS2 construction traffic travelling on a 2km section of the A413 Wendover Bypass.

By adopting new asphalt technology, innovations in plant and digital capability they have delivered high quality, low noise asphalt which greatly reduces the carbon footprint and environmental impact.

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