CIHT Health and Wellbeing Award


Driver Focus Group

Mott MacDonald


Mott MacDonald is committed to doing everything it can to ensure everyone returns home safely at the end of each working day.

Recognising that driving for work was the single highest risk workplace activity, due to the number of miles driven by staff on unfamiliar roads, with unfamiliar cars and often by inexperienced drivers, the highways division formed the Driver Focus Group (DFG) to address this area of concern.

The DFG employs a holistic strategy to reduce these risks including:

  • Driver assessments to ensure staff are safe to drive. This involves theoretical and, if necessary, practical testing with an instructor from the Institution of Advanced Motoring to determine whether a driver was at risk when driving.
  • Driver Management Plans to establish whether a journey is necessary, or if public transport could be used.
  • Training a network of Driver Safety Advisors to offer advice and reduce the number of work journeys being undertaken.
  • Where journeys are unavoidable, providing rented accommodation close to site when appropriate.
  • Vehicle emergency kits provided for drivers in case of break-downs/delays.

Due to the success of the trial within the highway’s division, the initiative is now being rolled out across Mott MacDonald’s European business.

Judges Comments

The Driver Focus Group (DFG) developed by Mott MacDonald is an original approach to reducing road driving risks, which Mott had identified as its single most dangerous workplace activity. Through careful consideration of the causes of road driving risks, this scheme was developed, and both encouraged and made it easier for staff to consider alternatives to driving and improving their driving skills.  The judges felt that this award went one step further than what is usually seen in such schemes and has a clear business benefit as well as wide implementation potential.

Highly Commended

In what is a ground-breaking move for an haulier in the waste sector, O’Donovan Waste Disposal have introduced and completed the implementation of an internal wellbeing strategy called the ‘Dynamo Welfare Project’ (Dynamo), continuing their commitment to prioritising the workplace wellness of their 165 employees alongside their physical safety.  

O'Donovan Waste ‘Dynamo’ Welfare Project

O'Donovan Waste Disposal Ltd

This huge investment in terms of time and money strengthens the companies unique pledge to staff development and the delivery of the highest standard to clients. The multi award-winning family-run waste management business is widely regarded as an innovator and a champion for health and safety, training and environmental excellence.

Dynamo assists staff in maintaining positive health and wellbeing by teaching self-awareness techniques and the tools to manage a range of negative emotions including anxiety. The programme includes interactive ongoing training modules for all staff which is delivered in-house. The training increases the ability of participants to maintain their composure and stabilise emotions as they face day-to-day challenges in their work and private lives.

The aim of the strategy is to take a more holistic and inclusive approach to staff health and wellbeing resulting in a safer, more efficient and engaged workforce operating at the highest standards. Staff also benefit by having better physical and mental health which allows them to deal more effectively with any work-related challenges as well as helping them to manage any struggles they may face in their personal lives.

Judges Comments 

O’Donovan has achieved impressive improvements for absenteeism and stress levels. Further, they have shown how a concerted effort aimed at improving the employees’ health and wellbeing is proving to be a positive business case with insurance premiums being reduced.

Highly Commended

The Steps to Health campaign is part of the Eurovia UK overall health and wellbeing strategy.  Research has shown that physical activity can improve an individual’s mental health and wellbeing.  It also has a direct impact on the general health through reducing the risks of obesity, high blood pressure and heart attacks.  

Steps to Health Campaign 

Eurovia UK

Eurovia UK has been running the campaign for five years with great success. In 2008, the campaign was opened up to other companies within the wider group and sister companies in America and Canada were invited to take part for the first time. This helped break down cultural barriers, introduced colleagues to other employees with the potential to improve collaborative working in the future. This gave the campaign a real international feel.

The campaign was open to all employees and accessible to everyone as it did not require any specialist equipment. Walking is seen as one of the safest exercises that people can get involved in.
On the 30th April 2018, the stage was set for a five-week international challenge. Eurovia UK had to make sure the UK teams were encouraged so they could have the bragging rights for the forthcoming months.

Judges Comments

With an original, simple and easy to implement campaign, Eurovia UK, has managed to quickly get a large number of employees engaged in physical activity and build on relationships within the company.


Gade Valley Viaduct is a steel/composite multi box girder bridge carrying the M25 motorway. The structure spans the Grand Union canal, the River Gade, the West Coast Mainline railway and a local road.

Early in 2016, senior management visited the Gade Valley site as part of a safety tour.

Gade Valley Bridge – the wheel of wellbeing

Connect Plus

It was apparent that the team were working in difficult conditions and a potential solution was sought. At the same time, a deep dive had raised the issue of gangs travelling two, sometimes three hours to site. They were working a shift and then returning home, leading to severe fatigue.

While a programme of behavioural safety had been very successful, the team recognised that more was needed to address this particular site. These concerns led Connect Plus to engage with Temporal Consulting (cultural advisors and specialists) to develop the Wheel of Wellbeing initiative.

At the heart of the Wheel of Wellbeing (WoW) are free choice and empowerment. Through it, we aim to reframe attitudes towards the concept of Fit for Work, from being a potential tick box exercise to a more supportive, engaging and personally relevant expression. Designed by Nicola Temporal, the WoW is based on a well-grounded theory in behavioural change, meditation and extensive psychological development.

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