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CIHT FUTURES explores the implications of different future scenarios for transport policy and practice. It engaged members around the UK, drawing on the diversity of their geographical, professional and personal characteristics.

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Watch and listen to Glenn Lyons, Professor of Transport & Society at UWE Bristol, discuss various future scenarios and introduce two alternative pathways of decision making.
The first is called regime-compliant. This pathway involves elements including: prediction; weak planning; cost-benefit analysis;
and a focus on transport as the principal enabler and consequence of economic prosperity.
The second is called regime-testing. This pathway involves elements including: scenario planning; strong planning; real options analysis; and a focus on multiple enablers of economic, social and environmental prosperity.

Related material

Scenario planning

There is a large body of scenario planning material online – these links are just a few brief examples:

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Don’t stop thinking about tomorrow: A modest defence of futurology (NESTA)

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Transport-specific scenario exercises:

Are you aware of useful material relevant to the project? If so, please let us know – we don’t know everything about the future!