CIHT and Kier Transportation working together to improve carbon literacy

7th Jun 2024

E-learning collaboration to boost staff’s decarbonisation knowledge

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The Chartered Institution of Highways & Transportation (CIHT) is collaborating with Kier Transportation to deliver essential (digital) eLearning to support Kier achieve their decarbonisation goals.

This collaboration involves Kier Transportation using CIHT’s specifically designed courses that relate to climate change learning. These courses are specifically tailored for the highways and transportation sector and provide CPD in subjects including decarbonisation and carbon literacy. 

These accredited CIHT e-learning courses explain why the global effort to mitigate the risk of dangerous climate change demands very significant changes to how transportation professionals plan, design, deliver, operate, maintain, and decommission transport systems.

Sue Percy CBE, Chief Executive, CIHT said:

“The UK needs to cut transport emissions in half by 2030 – and then carry on towards 2050’s Net Zero. That isn’t something to start thinking about in 2049. Within the CIHT, we have engaged with members, partners (including Kier Transportation) and stakeholders, and through CIHT Learn, users can now dedicate a larger portion of their ongoing learning to sustainability.”

“We welcome this important collaboration with Kier Transportation and the support we are now able to provide their staff as they join us on this decarbonisation journey.”

“Through taking these courses, colleagues at Kier Transportation will learn how to identify gaps in their awareness, knowledge and skills and create a personal Continuing Professional Development plan tailored to their job role and its influence over transport decarbonisation.”

Matt Tompsett, Head of Environment & Sustainability, Kier Transportation said:

“Everyone’s talking about carbon and it’s continuing to raise higher on the agenda of organisations, up and down the value chain.”

“We know that not everyone is an expert in carbon, but it’s important that we give our people the right tools and knowledge so they can make informed decisions and implement climate solutions in their sphere of influence, whether that be in their own lives – or at work.”

“That’s why we decided to work with the CIHT to develop and roll our carbon literacy training for our people. It’s a big step in the right direction, to ensuring the right conversations are taking place so our people understand how they can influence and reduce our carbon footprint.”

As of 8 May 2024, Kier Transportation employees have completed 1,476 courses.

About CIHT Learn

CIHT Learn is a digital learning platform that provides collated online elearning designed for individuals to gain the skills and knowledge to progress their highways, transport and infrastructure career. The CIHT Learn platform can provide organisations with an effective, efficient, economical and standardised training resource to support employees and to keep training on track.

CIHT Learn hosts over 60 on-line courses designed for the highways, transportation and infrastructure sector covering topics ranging from Asset Management to Sustainable Transport.  The courses are perfect for individuals or for organisations who wish to onboard staff or upskill teams.

If you would like to find out more about CIHT Learn including how these courses can be made available to your staff, please contact e:

About CIHT

CIHT is a chartered professional body for those working in highways and transportation

CIHT provides strategic leadership and support to help our members plan, develop, deliver and maintain sustainable solutions for highways, transport infrastructure and services that:

  • address the challenges of
  • climate change
  • support the economy
  • help address social inequalities
  • reduce environmental degradation
  • improve health and wellbeing.

We bring members together to share, learn and feel confident about addressing these challenges through the application of good practice, by embracing innovation and by acting with integrity. It is through this and our values that CIHT can demonstrate and deliver on thought leadership to shape the highways and transportation sector for the public benefit.

We support our members throughout their careers by providing:

  • industry-recognised training and qualifications
  • professional standards
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  • leadership on key transportation related issues.

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