About TPP

The Transport Planning Professional (TPP) qualification was developed by the Chartered Institution of Highways and Transportation (CIHT) and the Transport Planning Society (TPS).

The qualification was officially endorsed by the Department for Transport, the Highways Agency, Transport for London, Transport Scotland, the Welsh Government and the Roads Service Northern Ireland, and is based on the National Occupational Standards for Transport Planning developed by GoSkills and the TPS.

The TPP qualification provides clear professional recognition for transport planners in the same way that Chartered Engineer recognises the highest level of engineering competence.  The TPP qualification also encourages newly qualified and more experiences practitioners to develop the skills needed to tackle the major challenges facing the transport sector in the future.

The TPP Partnership Management Group (PMG) is a joint CIHT and TPS body that has oversight of the qualification and deals with strategic, legal and financial matters. The qualification is managed jointly by CIHT and TPS through the TPP Professional Standards Committee (PSC). Administration is provided by CIHT on behalf of both organisations.

Candidates for the TPP qualification need to demonstrate an appreciation of a broad range of transport planning procedures and techniques, and a competence to work effectively in their chosen areas of the profession.

Candidates must be full members of either CIHT or TPS.  Candidates who are not TPS members need to apply to TPS for Designated membership of the Society at the same time as submitting their application for a TPP Professional Review.

There are several routes to gaining the qualification depending on the candidate’s academic qualifications and level of experience in the profession to-date. 


TPP Partnership Management Group

Stephen Bennett
Keith Buchan
Sheila Holden
David Tarrant

TPP Professional Standards Committee

Steve Hunter (Chair)
Stuart Turnbull
Keith Buchan
Kate Morris
Leanne Farrow
Steve Miller
Douglas McDonald
Lynda McClurg
Glenn Lyons
Claire Whitfield