Continuing Professional Development

It is important for transport planners to be aware of current topics and trends and keep up to date with developments if they are to maintain their credibility as professionals.

By undertaking a systematic programme of CPD and lifelong learning you are demonstrating a visible commitment to your profession (both to employers and society at large), up to date knowledge and skills, an awareness of current thinking and best practice and a mature and inquiring mind.

There are many things that can be classed as CPD. These include: attendance at courses, conferences and seminars, training and mentoring colleagues, reading professional journals, writing technical papers or articles, personal research on technical issues and making in-house or external presentations – any activity that enables you to keep your professional skills and knowledge up-to-date. It is important to ensure that any CPD activities that you undertake are relevant and applicable to your line of work and help towards meeting your personal aims and objectives.

As part of your Portfolio of Technical Knowledge and/or Portfolio of Evidence submission, you must provide a CPD record showing that they have undertaken a minimum of 25 hours of CPD a year for at least two years prior to making your submission. The records should be authenticated and signed by a line manager or mentor.

To remain on the TPP register, successful candidates who have been awarded the TPP qualification, are required to keep their professional skills up to date by undertaking at least 25 hours of CPD a year and conforming with the Professional Conduct requirements of either CIHT or TPS, whichever they are a member of.

Guidance and Downloads:

To view the CIHT Code of Conduct and further guidance on Continuing Professional Development click here.

 The TPS Guidance on Continuing Professional Development

 The TPS Code of Professional Conduct for Designated Members