Certificate of Merit

Eligibility for the Award

The Certificate of Merit is awarded to members of the Institution only for ‘Outstanding Services to the Institution’.

Criteria for the Award 

Outstanding Service may comprise:

  1. An exceptionally high commitment to a Region or Regions (or former Branch/Branches) as an office holder over a period of many years, usually a minimum of 10; or

  2. A major contribution to the Institution's operation in matters such as recruitment of members, exceptional service to the Council, developing a new service to members etc.

Generally speaking, Council is looking to make the award to those who have demonstrated notable leadership and involvement in CIHT activities (both social and technical), which goes well beyond their specified roles. The award marks the work of those who have given generously of their free time for no personal reward and for the benefit of their colleagues. The award will not be made for one single achievement, for example organising a Presidential conference.  Examples such as this however, could form part of the nomination.
Council will also consider candidates who have made a significant contribution to the work or reputation of the Institution over a considerable period of time.  

Making an application

Nominations can be submitted for consideration by individual members of the Institution or by Regions.  Reasoned nominations will be considered carefully by the Honours Group, which will recommend recipients to the Council for formal approval. You can see the list of members who have received this Award in the following document: Holders of the Certificate of Merit 
Nominations are invited from Council and Regional Committees using the nomination form below. A Word version of this form is also available on request  Certificate of Merit Application Form 
Regions should decide when they would like to present the Certificate of Merit, if approved, and submit the nomination/s to Britannia Walk in good time for the Membership Board to consider and to recommend to the Council meeting that immediately precedes that date.
The Region, and if appropriate the individual, will be informed of the outcome.
Many Regions seek to make the nomination confidentially so that the award can be a surprise for the recipient at a dinner.  Nominations that go to Council will be considered as a confidential item so this element can be maintained. 

For more information or guidance please contact:

t: +44 (0)20 7336 1550 e: governance@ciht.org.uk

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