Conflicts of Interest

CIHT's policy is to ask all Trustees and Council members to complete a declaration of interest.

Trustees have a legal obligation to act in the best interests of CIHT in accordance with CIHT’s governing documents, and to avoid situations where there may be a potential conflict of interest. Conflicts of interests may arise where an individual’s personal or family interests and/or loyalties conflict with those of CIHT. Such conflicts may create problems because they can:
•    inhibit free discussion;
•    result in decisions or actions that are not in the interests of CIHT;
•    risk the impression that CIHT has acted improperly.

The aim of this policy is to protect both the organisation and the individuals involved from any appearance of impropriety.
Members are asked to declare their interests, and any gifts or hospitality received in connection with their role in CIHT.  A declaration of interests form is provided for this purpose, listing the types of interest to be declared.

CIHT Declaration of Interests form

The declaration of interests is updated at least annually, and also when any significant changes occur. It is the responsibility of trustees to ensure that their declaration is kept up to date.
Conflicts of Interests Policy

To view the register of declarations please contact CIHT's Director of Corporate & Business Services at e: