Committee & Regions

The SoRSA Committee is composed of experienced UK and international safety auditing and engineering professionals. All are Members or Fellows of the Chartered Institution of Highways and Transportation and who responded to the Institution’s proposal to establish a dedicated Society for professional safety auditing practice within the terms of its Constitution in early 2007.The current SoRSA Committee of officers were subsequently elected by ballot among all the respondents to the Institution’s initial proposal for the Society. You can find a list of current SoRSA members here

The appropriate grade of membership of the Institution is now a prerequisite of SoRSA membership. This enables the Institution to confer its full membership support services and privileges to SoRSA as an Institution territorial branch, as well as to issue appropriate grades of Membership to members of the Society (see Membership of SoRSA).

The Institution will seek fresh elections of SoRSA officers in accordance with its normal constitutional and branch election arrangements next year.

Regional Representatives

The following areas of the UK, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland each has a committee member responsible for promoting SoRSA in that area and acting as a regional point of contact. There is also a representative for the Republic of Ireland. 

Committee Members

See a full list of committee members here

Committee Members


Regional Representatives



Richard Hernan - 


Tristan Brooks - 

Northern Ireland & Republic of Ireland

Stuart Summerfield -