Audit Report Submitted to Team Manager

The audit team leader issues the audit report to the Scheme Manager or to whomsoever is specified in the highway authority audit standard specified in the commissioning document. If the standard is based on the national standard (GG119 in the UK) this will be the Scheme Manager as he/she will be responsible for the completed scheme on the public highway.

The Scheme Manager will then check the draft report to make sure that its contents are within the terms of reference of the local authority standard, that the audit does not consider issues outside of the scope of the scheme, and that it does not contain inappropriate problems e.g. ones that are not safety-related or where the scheme plans and associated information have been misinterpreted by the audit team. Once this has been established, the Scheme Manager can instruct the audit team leader to issue the final version of the report with any amendments or modifications identified.

Any contents that are not considered appropriate should be identified as such by the Scheme Manager but not deleted from the report.

The audit report is sent by the Audit Team Leader to the Scheme Manager or, with his/her consent, it can also be forwarded to the design team for their consideration of the problems and recommendations.

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Designers Consider Responses