Deal with any Requests for Additional Information

It is the duty of the audit team to review the information provided from the Scheme Manager and ensure that they have enough to undertake the stage of audit required. Where the audit team consider that information is lacking they must request that additional data before visiting the site.

This should be provided by the Scheme Manager (for local authority schemes) and the Developer’s Agent (for third party schemes) as soon as possible so as not to delay the completion of the audit. The audit team may request additional information or further clarification as a result of the site visit. This should also be provided as soon as possible so as not to delay the completion of the audit.

Where information is not available – for whatever reason – this should be noted by the audit team in the audit report so that it is clear to anyone subsequently referring to the audit exactly what design information was considered.

For schemes where combined Stage1/2 audits are requested, it is sometimes the case that very little information is provided. Where the audit team consider that the information is insufficient to cover the scope of Stage 1/2 and further information is not forthcoming, then the audit report should clearly state that the report will only cover a Stage 1 Audit. The Audit Team leader must inform the client of this prior to undertaking the audit being undertaken.

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