Audit Team Prepare Audit Report

The audit team prepare the report in accordance with the highway authority standard stated in the commissioning document. The following items should be included within the audit report:

a) A brief description of the scheme being audited, and the audit stage;

b) Name and position of the person requesting the audit on behalf of the named organisation;

c) Name & position of person approving the Audit Team for this scheme

d) The dates when the audit was carried out (and the date and time of the site visit);

e) The weather, lighting and road conditions during the site visit;

f) An explanation of the traffic conditions and road user groups involved

g) A list of the Audit Team member(s) and any other person attending the site visit;

h) A series of road safety problems and recommendations for action to include:

  • The problem location within the scheme
  • The element of the works that is causing the problem
  • The risk outcome if not resolved. The risk needs to state who is going to be hurt and how.
  • The recommended alteration, addition or deletion required to remove the problem.

i) Graphical aids to show the location and nature of each problem; such as photographs or a snapshot of the relevant part of the design drawing;

j) An overall plan of the scheme showing the location of each problem;

k) A statement signed by the Audit Team member(s) to certify that they have examined the scheme and that they are independent of the Designer;

l) For design stage audits (F,1, 1/2 & 2), a list of all plans and other information examined;

A template for a typical design stage (Stage 1, 1/2 or 2) audit can be found in Appendix D at GG119. Additionally, a sample Road Safety Audit Report can be found here and to assist, you will find a Road Safety Audit Report Template here.

Upon receipt of a satisfactory commission and audit brief, a typical audit team will take between one and three weeks, depending on the size of the scheme, to carry out the audit and produce the initial report for submission. For a post-construction (stage 3) audit, where the Police and maintenance authority representative should be invited to the site visit, the audit process may take an additional week to give the invitees sufficient notice.

Stage 4 Audit reports are fundamentally different from the earlier stages of the audit. A Stage 4 is essentially a collision monitoring procedure undertaken sufficiently after opening that any determinable pattern of collisions can be identified. The report should include a reference to any injury collisions that have taken place since the scheme opened, compare these to the collision situation prior to the scheme, and refer to any relevant outstanding issues arising from the previous Road Safety Audit and Exception Reports. The report provides the opportunity for a detailed collision investigation report to determine whether any collisions are occurring as a result of any new elements introduced by the scheme.

The report should recommend any remedial measures to address identified road safety issues. If no significant change in collisions or pattern is identifiable, then no recommendations should be made.

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Audit Report Submitted to Team Manager