The below sets out documents, websites and presentations the Sustainable Transport Panel consider important for CIHT members active in Sustainable Transport.

CIHT Publications

CIHT, Misc (2014) - Street Design for All 
CIHT, Tim Pharoah (2018) - Buses in Urban Development
CIHT, Alice Ewans et al (2016) - Transport Journey to a Healthier Life
CIHT, Mark Philpotts (2015) - Planning for Walking 
CIHT, Mark Phillpotts (2015) - Designing for Walking 

CIHT, Kris Beuret et al (2015) - Involving the Public and Other Stakeholders
CIHT, Rob Gallagher et al (2014) - Planning for Cycling
CIHT & DfT (2010) - Manual for Streets 2: Further Applications of the Principles
CIHT, Dft & MHCLG (2007) - Manual for Streets

External Publications

Trees and Design Action Group (2014) - Trees in the Hard Landscape: A Guide for Delivery
Trees and Design Action Group (2012) - Trees in the Townscape: A guide for Decision Makers 

Transport for London (2014) - Transport and Health in London
Transport for London (2014) - Improving the Health of Londoners

Faculty of Public Health - A Position Statement
British Medical Association (2012) - Healthy Transport = Healthy Lives
NICE (2018) - Physical Activity and the Environment Guidelines
WHO/Europe, Health Economic Assessment Tool (HEAT)

Useful Websites

Living Streets 
National Planning Policy Guidance