CIHT Amey Innovation of the Year Award 2020 Shortlist

This award celebrates innovation in the industry, this could be in terms of research, technology, products, processes and services that have impacted the organisation, company or industry positively

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Award supported by Amey

Innovation can take many different forms, but fundamentally it’s all about enabling continuous improvement to deliver better outcomes for communities and ultimately UK Plc. When the private and public sector collaborate towards a shared outcome, we can accelerate change towards safer, smarter and more sustainable ways of delivering services across the highways and transportation sector. Making sure that we collectively take responsibility for sharing these ideas for the better of all every day. We’re delighted to support the CIHT and their commitment to share best practice enabling every idea to offer the greatest value possible to the industry and make sure highways infrastructure is fit for future demands

David Ogden, Business Director at Amey

Supporter Content:

CIHT Podcast

Innovation, automation and future transport networks with David Ogden, Business Director at Amey

The interview covers a range of aspects including the possible automation of some roles, improving safety standards, use of drones and virtual reality and collaboration.

Listen here


Transforming the perspective of highways infrastructure as an enabler for economic change and improved public health

David Ogden, Amey, refects on transforming the perspective of highways infrastructure as an enabler for economic change and improved public health.

Read here

Case Studies 

Following on from the themes highlighted by David Ogden's podcast and blog here are some examples of the real life case studies from Amey.

Collaboration innovation in action - Live Labs (PowerPoint File)

A bird’s eye view of assets - Amey VTOL  (PowerPoint File)

Putting our people first - EskoVest  (PowerPoint File)

Improving performance - Cosmo Quartz Consulting (PowerPoint File)

Improving safety at work - Virtual Reality (PowerPoint File)



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The Shortlist


Collaborative Traffic Signal Optimisation for New Mobility


New innovation cuts waiting times by 31%-54% for UK road networks.

Optimisation of traffic signals using automated microsimultion and meta-heuristic optimisation demonstrates significant benefits through novel approach.

This innovative project, a collaboration between City Science and the Institute of Data Science and AI at the University of Exeter, enables transport authorities to extract significant value from existing assets demonstrating improvements of 31%-54%. The solution does not require new hardware or equipment making it significantly compelling value. Project used a diverse collaborative team including international researchers and the outputs have attracted international attention from as far a field as New Zealand.

Exclusive for Members - Read the Full Case Study

Rubber Modified Asphalt


Tarmac’s rubber modified asphalts incorporate recycled tyres combined with Tarmac’s ULTILOW warm mix asphalt technology to produce a high-quality sustainable asphalt, that has a reduced carbon footprint.

The UK produces 40 million end of life tyres per year. Whilst recycling has increased, the UK exports 10 million waste tyres to Asia and the Middle East. Utilising waste rubber assists in the ambition to have circular economy for waste tyres.

Manufacture of rubber modified asphalt includes the equivalent of one and half tyres per tonne, improving the characteristics of the asphalt that deliver improved durability and therefore, a longer lasting asphalt.

Exclusive for Members - Read the Full Case Study


Improvement of the Roads Maintenance System - Dar es Salaam


The District Road Management System is a highly innovative system being implemented and expanded within the five councils of Dar es Salaam. The project takes cost effective, tried and tested methods, and applies them to the capital of Tanzania, under the directive of the President’s Office, creating the most comprehensive and detailed management system in East Africa.

With use of modern technology, and existing expertise, the project is producing a holistic, self-governing management system. The increasing levels of data is used to prioritize and justify funding which will improve the road network, strengthen the economy and even save lives.

Exclusive for Members - Read the Full Case Study




The Exopush – A French Revolution In The UK!


Since the 1930s, roadworkers have continued on the front-line with the time-honoured hard work of manual labour. Not many things come along which so radically change this way of working. At Colas, we challenge our teams and supply chain to collaborate on innovation - RB3D, specialising in the construction of cobots and exoskeletons was an outcome from the Colas Group Open Innovation programme where we co-create innovative solutions. Exopush is an exoskeleton intended for workers who apply asphalt mix by hand - an innovation which will revolutionise the well-being of our employees and others who carry out the role in our industry.

Exclusive for Members - Read the Full Case Study

Highly Commended

Bunhill 2: Using waste heat for homes


The Bunhill phase 2 project involved the construction of a new Energy Centre to take waste heat from London Underground’s ventilation shaft and provide additional heat to the existing Bunhill heat network. This provides cheaper heat to nearby schools, leisure centres and residents, reducing carbon emissions by an additional 500 tonnes per year. During warmer months, the fan installed in the London Underground ventilation shaft will be reversed, injecting cooling to the underground network. It is the first scheme in the world to take waste heat from an underground train network and use it to provide lower cost, greener heat.

Exclusive for Members - Read the Full Case Study


Robotic age dawns for the road marking sector


The WJ Robotic PreMarker represents the road marking sector and indeed the highways maintenance industries first step into the world of automation. Using a network of 14 satellites and continually rising, the new innovation is able to pre-mark in preparation for road markings and other works with pinpoint accuracy. Not only this, it greatly improves safety by removing vulnerable operatives from the carriageway, enabling better management of people plant interface risks, whilst also increasing efficiency a staggering 30 fold and reducing costs.

Exclusive for Members - Read the Full Case Study


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